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Post civil war slave question.?

Was Du Bois right-that in that growth of American capitalism,

before and after the Civil War, whites as well as blacks were in some

sense becoming slaves?

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  • Sidney
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    Before the Civil War most southerners were either wealthy plantation owners, slaves, or poor whites who were a little better off than slaves. In the south there was little opportunity for poor whites to attend school and none for blacks. Plantation owners usually hired tutors for their children. There was little manufacturing in the south and the wealthy imported most of what they needed from Europe or the northern states and exported cotton, tobacco, rice, and raw materials. Plantation owners were heroes to the poor whites, so they voted for laws that benefited slave owners, although they were usually not in their own best interest. Poor whites hoped to someday become plantation owners themselves, although few ever did. In order to gain southern Congressional seats slaves were counted as a percentage of a white person, although they were not allowed to vote. Indigenous people and whites were also sold into slavery. As an example Salome Muller, the daughter of a German immigrant, was sold as a slave when her parents died. After the civil War many people left the farms and found work in the cities, where there was no minimum wage, forty hour work week, vacations, job security, or any other benefits. So they were a little better off than slaves in that they couldn't be forced to continue working for the same employer, but one was usually as bad as the other.

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    Slave State exist in all 50 States of the Union and its territories. after all not many are financially autonomous, and maximum are compelled to pay usury without enter. just about none ought to live on more beneficial than 3 months and not using a paycheck, and those the slave mentally takes its toil; ever increasing into generations ever so seamless. the in basic terms vast difference between the children level of brutality of the particular nature and now, is window dressing. maximum individuals imagine that they don't look owned, ask the corporate draw close whose on properly of issues and they're going to deny it, inspite of BP contained in the headlines.

  • Anonymous
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    If they were, it was self-imposed slavery. They always had the option that slaves pre-Civil

    War did not - they could opt to move.

  • tuffy
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    Yes he was.

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