Who are you proud to share your sign with?

Me: Capricorn

glad i share a sign w/ these folk:

martin Luther King jr


Mary j. blidge



Deelishis (flavor of love)


Jordin Sparks

Michelle Obama

ehhh, these ppl not sooo much lol:

Ray j

Tiffany Pollard ("New York")

Gilbert arenas

R. Kelly--well he's not that bad to me

Al Capone

this jerk from my job named Damon lol

what about you Guys!?


oh yeah, i forgot to add.......

Denzel Washington

Morris Chestnut

Taye Diggs

Joan of Arc

Sean Paul


Steve Harvey

Patrick dempsey

Kirstie Alley

Jude Law

John Legend

Orlando Bloom

mel Gibson

Kate Moss

Amanda peet

Angie matinez (female rapper)

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  • Koryn
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    1 decade ago
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    Billy Connolly born November 24,

    Christina Applegate born November 25,

    John F. Kennedy, Junior born November 25,

    Singer Tina Turner born November 26,

    Bruce Lee born November 27,

    Caroline Kennedy born November 27,

    Brooke McClintock born November 27, (my twin sister she's 15 min. older then me)

    Jimi Hendrix born November 27,

    Ed Harris born November 28,

    Ben Stiller born November 30,

    Bette Midler born December 1,

    Woody Allen born December 1,

    Britney Spears born December 2,

    Gianni Versace born December 2,

    Daryl Hannah born December 3,

    Julianne Moore born December 3,

    Jeff Bridges born December 4,

    Marisa Tomei born December 4,

    Tyra Banks born December 4,

    Steven Wright born December 6,

    Tom Waits born December 7,

    John Wells born December 7, (my grandfather)

    Kim Basinger born December 8,

    Sinead O'Connor born December 8,

    Judi Dench born December 9,

    Don Johnson born December 15,

    Milla Jovovich born December 17,

    Brad Pitt born December 18,

    Katie Holmes born December 18,

    Keith Richards born December 18,

    Steven Spielberg born December 18,

    Alyssa Milano born December 19,

    Billy Bragg born December 20,

    Jane Fonda born December 21,

    Kiefer Sutherland born December 21,

    Phil Donahue born December 21,

    Ray Romano born December 21,

    Samuel L. Jackson born on December 21.

    Source(s): Twin Sister
  • 1 decade ago


    Randy Travis

    Billy Joel


    Jay Leno

    Lily Allen

    Megan Fox

    Stevie Wonder

    David Beckham

    Penelope Cruz

    Jessica Alba

    Janet Jackson

    Carmen Electra

    Tim McGraw

    Kelly Clarkson

  • Dee
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    1 decade ago

    Monica Lewinsky July 23

    Slash July 23

    Woody Harrelson July 23

    Jennifer Lopez July 24

    Matt LeBlanc July 25

    Dorothy Hamill July 26

    Kevin Spacey July 26

    Mick Jagger July 26

    Sandra Bullock July 26

    Jonathan Rhys-Meyers July 27

    Stephen Dorff July 29

    Jaime Pressly July 30

    Arnold Schwarzenegger July 30

    Laurence Fishburne July 30

    Lisa Kudrow July 30

    Wesley Snipes July 31

    Jerry Garcia August 1

    Yves Saint Laurent August 1

    Edward Furlong August 2

    Evangeline Lilly August 3

    Martha Stewart August 3

    Martin Sheen August 3

    Steve Martin August 3

    Billy Bob Thornton August 4

    Loni Anderson August 5

    Charlize Theron August 7

    David Duchovny August 7

    Dustin Hoffman August 8

    Gillian Anderson August 9

    Melanie Griffith August 9

    Whitney Houston August 9

    Antonio Banderas August 10

    Hulk Hogan August 11

    Casey Affleck August 12

    George Hamilton August 12

    Julie Newmar August 13

    Danielle Steel August 14

    Halle Berry August 14

    Magic Johnson August 14

    Ben Affleck August 15

    Debra Messing August 15

    Angela Bassett August 16

    Kathie Lee Gifford August 16

    Madonna August 16

    Robert De Niro August 17

    Sean Penn August 17

    Christian Slater August 18

    Denis Leary August 18

    Edward Norton August 18

    Robert Redford August 18

    John Stamos August 19

    Bill Clinton August 19

    Matthew Perry August 19

    Connie Chung August 20

    Isaac Hayes August 20

    Slobodan Milosovic August 20

    Kenny Rogers August 21

    Tori Amos August 22

  • 1 decade ago

    Kimmo Pohjonen August 16-same year even!

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  • 1 decade ago

    My sister

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