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toyota and honda recall.... your thoughts?

i just heard that honda is also recalling some cars because some of the air bags come out to fast with higher then normal pressure?

if you didnt know toyota is recalling more then 470000 cars world wide because of faulty gas pedals and a 3000 of them are 2010 priuses wow

when toyota first announced i was like ok they made a mistake its cool but now that honda started recalling im starting to think American car companies some how compromised this situation.. may be im wrong but American car companies really took it to the nuts with the Japanese cars.

what do you think? has these recalls changed your thoughts about toyota or honda? if u ask me it hasnt changed they make quality cars so what something went wrong they are accepting responsibility and stepping up

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Definitely over hyped by the media. All car company have recalls and it's not just cars. To tell you the truth, I never go by people's reviews on the internet about cars. I would actually test drive a car and check other stuff before i make a judgment on the quality, regardless of brand name. Just because you buy a Toyota or a Honda which are know to be reliable, doesn't mean that they occasionally make a faulty car once and a while. Despite the recalls, i can personally tell you the quality of these two has been going downward in terms of style, designs, and overall quality. The present generation of these cars have not improved from previous model.

    So to sum it all up, if you are claiming to be the world's reliable car company, you better build cars that reflect that fact or else you will be scrutinized a lot more that other company, as in this case.

    And then there's are racist moron like rick29148 who likes to use these recalls to hide the facts that ford and other America made cars has more bad history of recalls that killed many American. To this day company such as Ford and it's amazing exploding cars, has admitted no wrong doing and found it cheaper to settle with families who sued them. Is it me or does it seem the hardcore fanatics that advocating Ford, GM, and that other company always use the word Japs or some other racially slur to refer to Asian car company.

    These morons don't even realize that company such as Ford has outsource production to countries like Mexico and Toyota's are being manufactured in the U.S. I suggest they keep up with their current events because this isn't the 1970's.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I DO think there is a lot of OVER reaction to this pedal thing since it's a relatively uncommon occurrence.

    The U.S. Government tried to slow the ever increasing imports of Japanese cars using tariffs after unions cried foul.

    U.S. car makers couldn't build a vehicle anywhere near as well, so they decided to try and kill sales of Japanese cars with tariffs.

    It didn't work, as people were willing to pay the higher prices to get the higher quality cars.

    Toyota AND Honda will get past this very quickly and go on to be #1 and #2 in the world in a few years. THis would be a good time to buy stock.

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  • blades
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    3 years ago

    American motor vehicle high quality took a fulfillment lengthy time period pass now overseas. Honda has electric powered fires, and defective air bags yet a lot safer than Toyota...Acceleration, brake and steerage with vehicles and automobiles have body rot project and crack in the front rigidity that ought to reason crash.Plus Toyota in hardship for cover up

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  • Don
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    1 decade ago

    All the manufacturers have recalls. Nothing is perfect, nor is made to last forever. Toyotas and Hondas are your best buy for a reliable car, as opposed to Government Motors.

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