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Where Can Vietnam Vets & Relatives Find The Virtual Vietnam Wall?

Thought following website would be of interest to Vietnam vets and their families.

There are several options for viewing this Virtual Vietnam Wall. By State, by military Service, by Name. It is quite impressive and an easy way to find someone who fell in Nam and is on the wall.

A Vietnam Vet.

Please pass the info on to others. Semper Fi.


@niouyera - great idea. If you know how, please forward info for VA to place on their site.

Update 2:

@Dutch: Glad this was helpful. I found a schoolmate on the list.

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    To "C": you're a piece of sh!t

    That's good information to have. I think that would be a great link to have on the VA website, if it's not already there. Thanks!

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    This is very cool, I know plenty of people who'd like to see this. C, why you gotta be so negative?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A very good site

    My uncle, killed in 1967

  • C
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    1 decade ago

    I don't like Marines. They smell of sheep and the Navy treats them that way.

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