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CRAZY Internet Bill - Wifi from iPod?! HELP!?

Our internet bill went SKY ROCKETING in October. Apparently cogeco enforced this new rule where if you overuse your internet, instead of stopping it completely it'll just charge you for the extra gb you use.

We didn't ever have a problem with overusing our internet before. And we put a password on our wifi.

It was fine for 2 months, but now the bill is $100 for our INTERNET!

What is this?!

Could it be from excessive use of Wi Fi from my ipod touch?

We have a laptop, a computer, and an ipod touch.

The computer is used daily, the ipod is as well (mainly for aps and facebook + ebuddy)

Laptop is used everyday only for a couple of hours.

What could be the reason!? HELP!!! (10 Points for the best answer)

We have a 10gb thing or whatever.

Is being connected to wi-fi while iPod on count as using gb? (through apps) ?

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    Change your ISP(internet service provider). You do NOT want an ISP who caps your bandwidth.

    Or tell them you're seriously considering switching ISP unless they remove or increase the bandwidth allowance.

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    How many GB are we talking about? could be malware. sounds like you have a few problems run all of these over the PC or ask me here if you would like to be guided through this!

    1. Avast anti virus

    2. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

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