What exciting new developments are today's leading creation scientists currently working on?

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    I know that you and other Atheists aren't going to care what I say. But I decided, not long ago, to go to Borders and other book stores and look for Creationist authors. NONE believed in a young Earth. NONE believed that Satan put the dinosaur bones there. NONE called the theory of evolution a false theory. Here's what I DID find.

    1. Creationists have loooonnnnggg claimed that a meteor wasn't the sole reason for dinosaurs dying off. They have been blaming specific volcanic eruptions, major earthquakes, meteors, comets, and disease. They didn't point to JUST a meteor like many other scientists had previously claimed. They studied geological layers and found that the numbers of fossils and amount of fossil fuels hardly changed at all after certain meteors and comets struck.

    2. While the global warming debate keeps going on, some Creationists have been fuming about being told that humans are the main reason behind global warming. Increased volcanic activity, warmer bodies of water, and the sun have been cited as bigger causes of global warming. Heck, they even cited that cattle put out more greenhouse gasses than humans, something that was supported by Mythbusters on the discovery channel. They didn't, however, feel that we should stop trying to conserve, reuse, recycle, etc. nor did they deny that humans were affecting it. This is something they are still "working on" but being ridiculed for.

    3. Many Creationist authors for years have been arguing that the "human vs. nature" debate is ridiculous. They claim and show evidence that many human traits are formed by both. It wasn't until the past couple years that psychologists finally started adopting this theory. While Creationists were applying this to homosexuality and other personality traits, psychologists have been applying this theory to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc. The theory is that genes make certain characteristics and mental illnesses more likely. Some can't happen without the genes. But something in nature has to trigger these genes.

    By the way, NONE of the Creationists authors said that homosexuality was a choice.

    edit: The thumbs down are no surprise. People on here just hate hearing the truth. They'd rather hate and ridicule than listen and learn.

    Source(s): My local Borders bookstore.
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    I've only done a little bit of skimming of the literature -- out of my own personal curiosity as to this question -- and it looks like one of the main trends is in information theory and the relation of the presence of CODES in nature and whether they require an ENCODER.

    But it isn't like such scientists are likely to use the term "creation scientist" in their titles. For example, Francis Collins, the pioneer behind the Human Genome Project and presently Director of the National Institute of Health has written several books about his belief that his scientific research is entirely consistent with the teachings of the Bible. He doesn't use terms like "creation science" and "intelligent design" and yet I was surprised to find that his books basically affirm his belief in what most participants in this forum would classify as "creation science" (whether or not that term would be appropriate for his position). Indeed, even though Collins seems to separate himself from some aspects of that "ID movement", he is very emphatic about believing there is a "designer" behind the universe which he considers to be the creator and the "instigator" of all scientific laws.

    So I suppose among the "new developments" you are asking about would be whatever scientists like Dr. Collins are working on at present even if they prefer to avoid calling themselves "creation scientists". Of course, the same could be said for Isaac Newton, R. Descartes, M. Faraday, Mendel, Priestly, and countless other pioneers of science who expressed much the same Bible-based views of the world and the scientific methods to which they were committed.

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    I can now prove that the food and hygiene laws that are written in the book of Leviticus 3500 years ago are based on someones working knowledge of the germ theory. What's so special about that? The number of humans alive on Earth 3500 years ago that would have had a working knowledge of the germ theory is 0. I would say that this scientific fact is new and exciting.

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    Analysis of non-gene highly conserved sequences of DNA.

    Since natural selection does not act on non-gene sequences, you wouldn't expect them to be highly conserved, and yet, some are. They must be important in some other way, possibly a message directly from God to us, His creation. We need to learn how to read it.

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    Recently I read a news item, somewhere in the Far East, scientists found a monkey using a sharp stone to peel a coconut. and they were excited as they got a proof of evolution.

    While reading it I was reminded of a monkey which used to dwell in our farm which was near a Church. Having seen women going to church, with their heads covered, this monkey developed the habit of covering its head and walking like women! Had our scientists seen it, they would have come up with some great explanation!



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    LOL Good point D.E. I too would like to know what innovations and advancements Creation scientists are making.

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    Getting even more nothing from even less nothing

    Just in case anyone hasn't seen this:

    An Index to Creationist Claims: http://www.talkorigins.org/indexcc/

    "Creationist claims are numerous and varied, so it is often difficult to track down information on any given claim.

    Plus, creationists constantly come up with new claims which need addressing.

    This site attempts, as much as possible, to make it easy to find rebuttals and references from the scientific community to any and all of the various creationist claims.

    It is updated frequently; see the What's New page for the latest changes."


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    Kent Hovind is learning how to secretly make moonshine in prison. It will be the first time in his life he's done some actual chemistry.

    Others are experimenting with disproving spontaneous generation from CHUNKY peanut butter, and making more high-resolution crocoduck photos.

    In other words, nothing. Creation "science" is nothing but dishonest attempts to find loopholes in the model of evolution (see wolk's post for an embarrassing example), and trying to get observations to match a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis.

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    Well D.S., they are still working on teaching the controversy as when they try to do real science they get criticized for sloppy work that doesn't approach the modern standards of rigor. Of course, they justify this by stating that what you believe is more important than working to cure cancer or other diseases.

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    i saw one the other day at the sea of galilee, trying to develop a way to walk on water.

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