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Magnetic Tape Problem?

I recently bought this adhesive magnetic tape that i plan to use to make a mini maglev train. The problem im having with it is the fact that it doesnt attract and repel, it attracts both sides of the magnet. I need it to have a charge one way or the other so the repelling can occur. Is it possible to run a wire such as a negative wire hooked up to a battery or power source, and have it touch the tape. Will that give the tape a negative charge? Any advice or other solutions would be really helpful!

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    You fail to understand how magnetism works and how the tape is magnetized. The particles are magnetized in waves (you can see it if you put a piece of paper over and sprinkle some iron filings or small pieces of iron wire like steel wool.)

    There is a small possibility you can remagnetize it but you can't do it with a single wire, you would have to build a pair of electromagnets to provide a strong linear field. And it still would probably not be strong enough to repel enough to support weight. You will probably have to buy a bunch of ceramic magnets (the ones with holes in the middle) to make your track and use rare earth magnets on the car, and build it very carefully to keep it aligned.

    Real maglevs use AC magnets on the car and aluminum track (non-ferrous) to create control of height under computer control

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    You are confusing electric charge with magnetic field, they are different things.

    Those strips are magnetised in alternating bands, so as you move along the surface of the strip you get a N pole, then S, N, S, N... etc. They make it like that so that it will stick better to a steel sheet. The steel completes the magnetic circuit from N to S.

    To re-align the magnetic field you would have to heat it above its curie temperature and apply a very strong magnetic field, then let it cool. It's not easy.

    Even if you could do it, the field of those tapes is pretty weak. If i were you I would search ebay for a bulk lot of neodymium disc magnets.

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