How and why do most non-southerners' attitudes toward slavery begin to change in the mid 1800s?

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    From the 1840s to the 1850's the USA saw several economic and cultural changes as industrialization and the transportation revolution changed the economics of the north and west. Immigration shifted the mahority of the population further to the north and began a mass cultural change.California cane into the Union by the Compromise of 1850 during the Gold Rush.

    Debates over the Fugitive Slave Law and Sectionalism were common. In 1857 the US Supreme Court ruled in the Dred Scott decision that slaves were not citizens of the US and had no rights under the Constitution.

    In 1854, the Kansas-Nebraska Act abrogated the Missouri Compromise by providing that each new state of the Union would decide its own posture on slavery. The settlement of Kansas by pro and anti slavery factions, and eventual victory of the anti-slavery camp, was fueled by convictions; the birth of the Republican Party; by 1861 Kansas was admitted to the Union and broke the balance of power..

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    To put it very simply, because the northern states were not farming states like the southern states were. The north was right in the middle of the American Industrial Revolution. The northern states wanted the south to convert to industrialized work and the southerners did not want to give up their way of life. They had a free labor force and crops that sold well.

    In fact, if I am not mistaken, the northern states did not want to allow slaves to be considered as citizens because it would give the southern states too many electoral votes. They eventually came to an agreement on 2/3 of a person per slave.

    As slaves multiplied, the southern states still got quite an influential number of seats on the electoral college and the northern states declared that all slaves were now free and could seek refuge in the north. All this did was cause turmoil down south. You see, the Industrial states wanted to pay the blacks as cheaply as they could for their labor and the southern states wanted it for free.

    I hope this helps

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