Do you think I can achieve this regardless of some factors?

I'm currently a junior in hs, i have a 2.8 GPA(83 average), go 2 a majority white private school which is the largest in the state where im one of the few blacks and my dream job is to work for goldman sachs in their private equity not the smartest person but i try in school..not to my potential but i do try and if i didn't i would fail school but that will all change when i get in college because i will actually try.....i hopefully want 2 go 2 morehouse college in Atlanta, GA or the University of Alabama inTuscaloosa, AL and major in economics or business then go work as an insurance agent for my friend's dad's insurance company for 2 years then hopefully go 2 an ivy league or really good business school and hopefully get a job in private equity somewhere but hopefully goldman sachs......i just want 2 prove 2 my parents that i can make it in the real world(especially my father), prove 2 everyone that doubted me that i can be successful, and be more successful and richer then anyone in my graduating class.

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    Ok, it is possible to achieve your goals. I am not trying to be a motivational speaker, but if you really work at it, you could end up where you want to be. Here is the most important things to keep in mind. 1) With your current GPA, you will need to do well on the sat/act test applicable to your state in order to attend either morehouse or alabama, and keep that GPA up or even a bit higher ending out your senior year.

    2) The 2 years you are in your first school, you will REALLY have to prove yourself through grades and achievement. Im talking insane high standards if you plan on transferring to a ivy league school.

    3) Don't get sidetracked too long at the insurance gig, because schools look negatively on too much time in a transfer, and you don't want to lose focus.

    4) If you manage to get into the ivy league school, you gotta keep those high grades, which doesnt mean all brains, most of it is hard work. AND you will want to do whatever you can to pull off an internship or two (even unpaid) in the private equity to get your foot in the door.

    Just remember, its all about hardwork, and secondly, I know its your dream, but you dont have to prove anything to anyone. Richness and success are not necessary to be happy, but you can achieve them if its your goal.

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    you can do whatever you put your mind to.

    just work hard and don't give up and you can accomplish any goal. It doesn't matter where you've been only where you're going.

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