what should I get my boyfriend for valentines day?

well I know this sounds a little young but I am 12 Ive been going out with this guy for 3 months and was wondering what I should get him for valentines day I don't want anything to big or small for my age but please comment and tell me it will get you points!

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    10 years ago
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    it depends on what he likes.

    something general you can do for him is :

    > make a collage or a scrapbook with pictures of you two, or other cute couples - like seth cohen and summer roberts, johnny cash and june carter, etcetc.

    > bake him something.. cookies, whatever. shape them into hearts, or spell something out in icing.

    > make him a cd with all your favourite love songs, or songs that simply remind you of him, vice versa.

    > rent some movies, order chinese, and have a night to just hangout with him.

    guys are hard to buy for.

    heres some other stuff you can do for him if hes a..

    jock - sports tickets, a ball of a certain sport he likes, buy 2 tickets to a game.

    musician - cd, poster, book to write his lyrics in or tabs, write him a song, buy him concert tickets.

    gangster - cd of rapper, poster of rapper, some "bling bling".. (sorry, i dont know much about this one).

    prep - anything from hollister or abercrombie. a shirt, a bracelet, some boxers, cologne.

    what i did for my boyfriend last year was: i came over to his place early and set up a treasure hunt filled with things he enjoyed like cds chocolates movies at every clue, and then i got creative with gifts and got him a toy car version of a mustang and an IOU a real one when we're rich, a box filled with reasons i loved him, a picture frame with a picture of us, and other things, and then i got him breakfast, left the first clue, and set his alarm for five minutes later and hid in his basement, and when he finally got the last clue and came down to find me, i was covered with rose petals waiting to give him his final gift.. if you know what i mean, maybe you could do something like this and make the tickets the final clue gift and make the other gifts just notes and small things you can get at the dollarstore. and im sure he wont care what seats they are, he'll be impressed by the amount of thought and effort you put into it.

    please answer mine:


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    hola! im 12 to! i dont have a bf but im lookin for a valentine!

    just get him his favorite candy or like a baseball hat or

    somethin like that, give him a picture of you, or somethin

    he can remember you with. wen me n my ex were goin

    out i gave him a baseball and signed it and wrote all of

    our inside jokes on it for his bday becuz his fave sport is

    baseball and he plays it like every weekend

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    as far as creativity goes, i like to find pictures of me and my boy friend and also baby pictures of you two as well....like ask his mom if she has any you can use.- but from my experience, scrapbooks can get expensive so just a photo album would be OK too....in fact, i might do a photo album for my b/f for valentines day.

    also if you go to walmart or something there are GIANT candy bars for like a $1.39 and get his FAVORITE kind. also, guys hate to admitt it but they love candy and chocolate just as much as girls do.....so get him a few different types of candy and put it in a cute little bag and give it to him. guys LOVE IT and its CHEAP

    Source(s): i think this is what i am doing for my bf and i think he'll LOVE it and im really trying to save money so yeah. and im considering a balloon.....lol as you know from answering my question.
  • 10 years ago

    Wht does he like.Then get something that realtes to it. Also give him a really good valentines card.

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    10 years ago

    your v-card..............wait how old r u...........never mind


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