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Should Jim Caldwell be fired if the Colts don't win the Super Bowl next year?

they had what it takes to get it done this year, but he slapped history in the face by giving up on a perfect season and playing conservatively in the Super Bowl, and the football gods punished him.

Times running out to win a title and as a coach your job is to get the job done

I know he's a rookie head coach and it was remarkable to be in the Super Bowl in your 1st year as a head coach but he didn't win the Super Bowl. He has the team do it next year and cost this team the shot after a horrible coached Super Bowl where he didn't get the team motivated at all

So do you think Caldwell should be fired if the Colts don't win a Super Bowl next year? maybe I'm just saying this because I'm pissed and wish we had a Super Bowl but I just want a coach who can win one rather than get too scared to


because at this point anything short of a SB is a disappointment

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    NO. This is an overreaction. How many rookie head coaches have won the Super Bowl? How many have even been to the Super Bowl? But I'm going to stop talking right here because the whole "lack of experience" talk makes me look like a hypocrite (see all my Matt Stafford questions).

  • Easy there fella. I know that loss is still working ya but man Caldwell had little to do with their loss. The Colts were prepared, motivated and geared to win that game which is why they were able to dominate the first quarter. The real reason the Colts lost was the same reason why they have lost every other season and why other "great" qb's never win titles. Peyton, no matter how good he is, has a "stud" complex and that never bolds well at that position. So what do you get? Several of their teams early last decade that had far more talent were held back because of Peyton's need to show im the "stud" and throw the ball 40+ times a game and they lost in the playoffs for that reason. The only time he won a title was when he got out of the way and managed the game properly. Take Tommy Brady for ex., the guy has a weak arm and tends to throw pics in big games but when the Pats used him to simply manage the game they won 3 SB's and the year he was to carry the team he couldn't get it done. The fact is QB's don't win games they lose them and if you don't have an organization set up to control their ego you wont win consistently in the playoffs.

    So no, don't fault Jim Caldwell he's not the guy that checks out of running plays at the line and on a key third down push the ball down the field instead of taking 5 yards on a check down(I wanted to kick Peyton's butt after they missed the field goal) and setting your kicker up for a solid attempt. It was not Jim Caldwell that had several bad throws, before the Int., or that stared down Reggie Wayne. Fault Peyton and the Colts as an organization for not controlling his ego! If you don't believe me look at the difference between the careers of these qb's.

    Elway- Didn't win until they decided to run

    Marino- Never ran the ball and never won because of it

    Favre- Only was great when Holmgren was able to keep him in check

    *They need a great D- This notion of getting their defense far better is hogwash! The cap doesn't allow complete teams anymore and the only thing they can do is help the D out by limiting their time on the field.

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    As far as the perfect season is concerned, "You play to win the game!" Game 15 made no sense to me. We a team takes the field its job as well as the coaching staff is to "WIN" the game. The Colts plan certainly back fired but it had nothing to do with the SB. Manning choked, period. He did not get the job done. After leading the Colts to a 10-0 lead he only managed to add an additional 7 points for the remainder of the contest. The Colts being outscored 31-7.

    Is the coach responsible, yes! Obviously he did not have a good enough "DEFENSIVE" game plan to stop the Saints. Since the Colts won the AFC I doubt that Caldwell will be fired. After all the franchise does have an AFC ring ceremony and in the eyes of most had a successful season.

    Yesterday the pre 2010 season picks were posted in Las Vegas. The Colts were the 5-1 favorites to win it all. This doesn't mean a thing unless a team, "Plays to win the game", and not "Play not to lose the game". Big difference!

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    Tough call to make really; because it's well known to many that the amount of play calling from Caldwell is limited, due to Manning's knowledge of the offense and audibles at the line. I thought Addai and Brown should have been given more touches in the second half, but obviously the call wasn't made to do so, whether that was by Manning or Caldwell is unknown. But we all know Peyton calls the final shots. Question is, should he always hold final say on play calling? Caldwell is also not the defensive coordinator either. Peyton Manning also has an average playoff record other then the Superbowl win in 2006. (9-9 overall..).

    While I don't think he should be fired, because the offense had its inexperience and injuries at WR, and key players were injured on defense (Freeney and Bob Sanders). One has to wonder if maybe Jim Caldwell is really just the NFL's version of Mike Brown (NBA's Cleveland Cavs Coach) -- a puppet to the star player...

    So all in all, I don't think Caldwell lost them to the Superbowl; but he didn't do much other then be "conservative" in helping them win a Superbowl. Maybe relying too much on your star player can indeed hurt you, and in this case on that day, I believe it did.

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  • Definitely not. To be honest, I think the sting of the Superbowl is still in your system, and I can't blame you. But Jim Caldwell took his team to the Superbowl, his rookie coaching year. Of course having Peyton Manning is like having another coach, but still. Tony Dungy went to playoffs like 8 something seasons in a row, and only won the SB once [against my Bears =( ]. I see the Colts going to playoffs every year under Caldwell until Manning retires.

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    With the exception of 2006 what is it about Peytons playoff record that makes people think he's a great postseason QB? They are 2-3 since the 2006 playoffs (both wins this year) and Peyton has not played well under anyone in the playoffs. I'd have to say its not the coaches fault, after all they had no running game at all. Addai's 26 yard run was the longest in 3 seasons.

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    no its not the coach's fault

    if you actually look at indy's play, the entire team relies on Peyton

    he does not have an amazing supporting staff. dallas clark is amazing and wayne is a great receiver but he is not an elite receiver like fitzgerald or andre johnson

    besides clark and wayne, peyton makes the offense look much better than it is

    manning can flourish passing on a team where everyone knows he is going to pass

    also, their defense is not great without bob sanders, their interior dline is mediocre, they only have one truly reliable linebacker in bracket, the others are decent

    i believe it wasn't the play calling or the coaching. the colts need to be able to run the ball, not a lot but effectively, pass protect better, and get a better dtackle to become a truly superior team

    right now, they are an overacheiving team that relies almost entirely on manning

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    No, that wasn't his fault. Peyton should be fired if he doesn't win the super bowl. Jim just calls the plays, it's the players job to follow through with it.

  • Of course not. He did a great job and it was only his FIRST YEAR. That's the problem in the NFL now, to many people want immediate results so they fire good coaches after just a couple of years. They then have to start over with no continuity.

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    His team went to the Super Bowl, which is better than 30/32 of the teams in the NFL.

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