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It's going to snow. Will this be enough provisions?

We expect 6 to 12 inches of show this evening into tomorrow. Will the provisions described below be enough for two adults and two children?

4 snow shovels

6 containers of ice melter

16 rolls of toilet paper

6 loaves of bread

3 dozen eggs

4 boxes of pancake mix

8 bottles of pancake syrup

5 pounds of ground beef

8 packages of hamburger rolls

32 rolls of paper towels

8 packages of cookies - various.

2 cases of beer

6 jars of jelly

6 jars of peanut butter

5 gallons of ice cream - various flavors

15 frozen "TV" dinners

4 roaster chickens

12 steaks - various cuts

2 "family packs" - 8 chops each - of pork chops

4 containers of oatmeal

22 cans of soup - various

6 bunches of bananas

4 pounds of other fresh fruit

8 cakes / other sweet baked snacks

Approx. 8 pounds of fresh vegetables

8 packages of frozen vegetables

10 boxes of rice / noodles side dish

18 two liter bottles of soft drink

5 gallons of juice / punch

12 bars of soap

3 bottles of dish detergent

4 bottles of glass cleaner

Approx. 100 batteries of various sizes

16 boxes of facial tissues

4 boxes of band aids

2 bottles of mouth wash

6 tubes of tooth paste

6 bottles of shampoo / conditioner

2 bottles of ipecac

5 flashlights

20 "Presto" fireplace logs

15 gallons of spring water

4 Emergency weather radios

2 pairs binoculars

5 pairs of crampons

5 pairs snowshoes

250 feet of static line rope

50 signal flares

5 "good to -20F" sleeping bags

2 US Army Ranger survival manuals

150 emergency candles

20 boxes of "strike anywhere" matches

8 kerosene space heaters

50 gallons of kerosene

5 repeating rifles 45 caliber

5 hand guns 9mm

5 "Leatherman" multi-tools

5 survival knives

4 sled dogs - Siberian Huskies

2 sleds - Iditerod style - with all harnesses and necessary equipment

5 pairs of goggle style anti - snow blindness glasses

5 arctic parkas

5 pairs "Thinsulate" gloves

5 pairs insulated coveralls

5 pairs snow gaiters

5 pairs "Herman's Survivor" snow boots

18 bottles of oxygen

That's all we have on the list so far. We need to get out and purchase these items soon before the snow starts falling. Please add anything you might think we shall need.


HiTech Heat:

You need to read more closely. We have listed spring water and two sleds. We don't drink beer. It is just on hand in case someone drops in.

Update 2:

RPA your a lifesaver. I almost forgot the dog food. Boy! Those hounds can eat! However no bacon for us. The wife says "We don't eat piggies. They are too much like humans"

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    First of all you dont have bottle water

    Second, TV dinners wont be helpful when the power goes out

    Third, what good are sled dogs without a sled.

    And finally, you definitely need more beer.

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    In case the electricity goes off, you need ice for the freezer to keep all the frozen food or get more of the food in cans and a way to heat it up. A camp stove would do. Ice chests would help. That would be a lot of steaks to loose and meat. Making a big pot of soup and freezing it in bowls would be easier than all the meat.

    More water in case the water quits running. Also for bathes.

    Do some figuring on how long the kerosene will last.

    If the water quits, think about the commode. Water drawn up in the tubs will help.

    Battery laterns might be needed.

    Something for the kids to do.

    Source(s): Been there, done that.
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  • R P A
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    Lots of food for those dogs!

    5 Snowmobiles

    1000 Gallons of Gasoline (for the snowmobiles)

    15KW Diesel Generator

    1200 Gallons of Diesel Fuel

    100 lbs rice

    100 lbs dried beans

    Excursion Grade Fiirst Aid Kit

    2 Gallons Mayo

    1 Gallon Mustard

    3 Gallons Ketchup

    1 Gallon Steak Sauce

    1 Gallon Hot Sauce

    1 Gallon Soy Sauce

    10 lbs Salt

    2 lbs Black Pepper

    5 lbs Garlic

    2 Medium Onions

    20 lbs Dry Pasta

    20 Jars Pasta Sauce

    50 Boxes Jello

    1 Childs Play Pool

    OMG You forgot the BACON!

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    You should have a minimum of two gallons of water per day per person. You need a Coleman Stove in case utilities are disabled. Do you have a cell phone? That could come in handy. How about a small barbecue pit to cook your chickens and steaks? Warm clothes will be needed in case the heat is not working. Space heaters will help but be careful not to use them in enclosed areas. They can put you to sleep and you might never wake up. I would include scissors and sewing needles and thread in my survival equipment. Wash clothes and towels should be part of the mix. I don't think the snow will bring such preparations into play, but it is wise to prepare for the worst.

    Source(s): Survived many hurricanes.
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    From what I can tell, that amount of supplies would last a family of four [with careful rationing] for six months!!!!! 6 to 12 inches of snow shouldn't maroon you for more than a few days to couple of weeks at most. This list is an example of "extreme overkill."

    Most snow marooning doesn't last for more than a few days, occasionally a week, possibly 10 days.

    The only other items that come to mind are:

    1. Lots of WATER, both potable [drinkable], and clean but non-potable for washing, sanitation, etc.

    2. A lot more FUEL, especially for heating but also for cooking, unless of course you are on Propane and already have a large, FULL, tank.

    Source(s): 60+ years experience living through power outages, tornadoes, and hurricanes.
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  • Sheila
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    I take it you're a millionare, you'll have to be for this list. And what's a crampon?

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Rubbers and vodka city boy !

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  • 1 decade ago

    lol Its snow not the end of the world.

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  • Bonno
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    1 decade ago

    no you're fat cousins are coming for dinner, you're gonna die!

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