Is it really that bad to skip prenatal doctor appointments?

I am on my third pregnancy and by this point I know the procedure and I know what is going on. I am 21 weeks and so far every doctor appointment has had me waiting in the room for over an hour just to say "How is everything going? Good, okay see you in 4 weeks". I understand that complications can happen and is nice for the doctor to be able to check and look out for things but honestly if the worst case scenario is a still birth- there is realistically nothing the doctor can do to stop it, period. So why should I continue to waste my time at the doctors? My work is getting continuously frustrated with all of the work I am missing, to the point I'm afraid if I take off too much more time they will just fire me.

Has anyone else skipped the majority of their prenatal appointments? Did you regret it?


I've gone to every prenatal appointment so far, I've had 2 ultrasounds (one in each trimester) and have taken all the major testing. I have another major prenatal apt and 3rd trimester ultrasound in 4 weeks and I'm just considering if everything is well at that point- not going or not going as often as they suggest. I know once I hit the 3rd trimester they will want me to go in every 2 weeks and then the last month every week. I just cannot afford to take all the time off and my work can fire me for unavailability.

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    I regreted missing some of mine.

    When I was pregnant I didn't go because I was afraid to tell anyone that I was pregnant. I went for five months without anyone but the father knowing. When I finally told my mom, just before I started showing, I had missed the serious tests and such. Although, thankfully, there was nothing wrong with my son I still missed them because I missed the 3D Ultrasound, I missed the heartbeat right off the bat, and I nearly missed getting a good ultrasound to see the sex. I also had gestational diabetes and didn't know it until it was almost to late. It was a good thing that I found out before I went into labor because they had to give me insalin.

    Don't be like me and run the risk. I'm sure you know that every baby is different. You would hate yourself if you didn't go one visit and something ended up happening.

    As for work. . . its against the law to fire someone for going to a doctor's appointment. . . even if you were just going because you had a cold. As long as you have an excuse there is nothing that they can do with your job other than tell you to be there when you get back.

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    If the worst case scenario is a stillbirth, then the sooner a doctor can spot the complication the sooner they can do something about it and the more likely the baby is to be ok. So yeah, it is kind of a big deal to skip a lot of prenatal appointments. Plus, if there are complications that could have been prevented or reduced if they had been caught sooner but were missed because you chose not to show up to your prenatal appointment your insurance may choose not to cover any of the medical bills pertaining to that condition.

    If you are being kept waiting for so long, bring it up with your doctor's office. Or tell them once it's 15 minutes past your scheduled appointment time that you have to leave and get back to work unless your doctor or someone else can see you immediately and reschedule your appointment. You can also try scheduling your appointment for a less busy time (such as early morning) when they are less likely to be running behind. And it is ILLEGAL for your employer to let you go for missing work for your prenatal appointments.

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    Pregnancy Doctor Appointments

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    Yes, it is really that bad to skip prenatal doctor appointments. Anything can happen to you and your baby while you're pregnant so that is why it is important you go to every of your scheduled appointments to make sure everything is okay even though you know the procedures. What if something was to happen to your unborn? The only people you can get answers from is the doctors. And if something was to happen, friends and family won't be able to help you but the doctors.

    I go to each and every single one of my appointments without ever complaining. I want to make sure my baby is doing good and everything is the way it is suppose to be. Before each of my appointments, I would be nervous that I might hear something I might not like to hear. But at the same time I am glad that my appointment is on that day and not any sooner because I want to check to see if my baby is okay.

    If something was to happen to your unborn because you skipped your appointments, will you regret it? I'm pretty sure you would.

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    As long as you are healthy, and have had a normal pregnancy so far, it will be fine. Just be aware of your body to notice anything coming up. You might be feeling baby's movements, take notice of these throughout the day, and if you have quick excessive swelling, dizziness, or exhaustion don't hesitate to get checked out it could be indications of preeclamsia or anemia. Realistically though, my midwife ran a study on delayed vs early prenatal care in healthy women, delayed care (starting after 30 weeks) does not change the outcome of health or delivery of mom or babies. Of course if you had a health problem you wouldn't be so far from prenatal care anyway.

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    A waste of time? Nice.

    Personally I would never miss an appointment. There is obviously a reason for them.

    Even though I think everything is going fine and the baby is healthy I look forward to hearing my doctor reassuring me of that fact. I also love hearing the baby's heartbeat at every visit.

    And still birth is not the only complication that can happen...most complications can be fixed and are preventable...which is why we have to go so often.

    Yes, it does take up some time, and having to wait can be a pain sometimes, but isn't it worth it?

    Your work can't fire you for it either. That would be discrimination.

    Besides, its very rude and a waste of your doctor's time and her staff's time for you to skip appointments. Not to mention the other patients who could be in the time slot that you don't show up for.

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    Well with my first pregnancy i didn't go to a prenatal visit until i was 6 months pregnant. There are always risks with it, i wouldn't skip the ones like when your having a sonogram or messuring down or something like that but the ones that really aren't anything you might could get away with. Just ask them what are we doing at my next doctors appointment and go from there. You just need to be real careful

    Good luck

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    I've never missed or skip any of my appointment. I always remember and go there on time. I don't care if I had to wait 30 minutes or more because it very important for me to see the doctor and asked any question about my concerned.

    I don't regret going to my prenatal appointment but I will regret if I skip any of my prenatal appointments.

    You should think about your baby health and stop being so selfish.

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    i think it s a racket. they schedule all of these appointments and 1/2 of them just seem to be fill-in to see if you are ok. if you have insurance you are a cash cow for the obgyn and they want that cash to come in regularly. if you start only coming to the appointments that make sense for you it messes up their accounting. i guarantee you they could combine a bunch of those visits. but then they couldnt charge quite as much. i m sure they would be happy to get you in twice as much if they could figure out a way to do it just to increase their cash flow

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