Please Russian latin translate to English?

Nakonez-to nashla vremia tebe napisat'. No ja pro vas ne zabila. Spasibo za otkriky s Rozdestvom!!! Predstavliaesh', mi tol'ko na etoj nedele bydem ybirat' novogodnyjy elky!!! Stol'ko vsego bilo... mi prosto zakrytilis'.

Novosti i ploxie, i xoroshie. Y menia 9 janvaria ymer dedyshka v Novosibirske; vse ochen' mnogo perezivali, osobenno moja babyshka i papa (ego mladshij sin). Ja, estestvenno, poexat' ne mogla v takoj xolod i konechno, iz-za raboti i iz-za stoimosti biletov. Dedyshke bilo vsego 74 goda. Dlia Ameriki eto voobshe molodoj vozrast! A y vas? K stati, mame Jamesa voobshe 88 let, a ona zivet eshe odna v Kanzase (tak xochet) i eshe mashiny vodit. Konechno, ona yze slabovata, no poka eshe derzitsia. Mi letom sobiraemsia ee povidat' na nedeljy. K nam na samolete ona ne poletit, t.k. ej yze ne xochetsia.

Lena, a kak y vas? Kak dela y Chrisa v sady i y Angelini? Ti ee bydesh' v jasli ili sadik otpravliat'? Chto novogo na rabote?

Vot ja tebe i rasskazala vse novosti - teper' bydy ot tebia zdat' otvet. Rasskazi, kak y Davia rabota... Kak y tebia yroki, i chto ti planiryesh' naschet raboti i otdixa letom (ved' leto ne za gorami:) V Rossijy letom edete?

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  • Alfz
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    10 years ago
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    I finally got some time to write you . I didn't forget about you. Thanks a lot for your christmas greetings!!!

    I have some good and bad news. My grandaddy died last 9 january in Novorsibisk. We all held in a big grief, especially my grandmommy and his little brother. I basically couldn't come over with the cold of those days and I also was busy with work and couldn't get any ticket at a reasonable price. Grandaddy was 74. On the American lifetime basis this is a great achievment!. Not sure there instead? By the way James mom is 88, and she still lives alone in Kansas (as she wishes) and she can still drive the car. She is not so healthy actually but she is still pretty good. . We will pay her a visit in summer. She just won't come to us on airplane, she hates it.

    Lena, hows going? How about Chris and Agelina? Any news on work?

    Now i told you everything - I will be waiting you to answer me back now. Tell me about David's work, your lessons, and where are you planning to go for your summer holidays (Summer is not so far :) )

    Will you go in Russia in summer?

  • 10 years ago

    Finally i found time to answer you back. I didn't forget about you. Thank you very much for the Christmas wishes and wonderful post card that you sent. We will be taking Christmas tree down this week. Have been very busy.

    I have good and bad news. My grandfather died on 9th of January who lived in Novosibirsk. My grandmother and my father took it so hard. I couldn't go to the funeral because of my job and tickets being so expensive. My grandfather was only 74 years old. I heard that It is very young age for American people. Is it true for your country? By the way, Jamesy's mom is 88 years old and she lives by herself in Kansas, drives car. Yes, she is getting weaker but still hang it in there. We are plan to visit her during the summer time for a week.

    How is Lena doing ? How is Chris doing at school? Will you take Angelina to day care? What is going on at your job?

    Well, I told you all my news now it is your turn. How is David's job going?

    How is your classes? What is your plans for work and plans for the summer vacation. Do you plan to come to Russia?

  • glow
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    10 years ago

    Finally found some time to write you, but I haven't forgotten about you. Thanks for the postcards with season's greetings!!! Can you imagine, it's only on this week that we're finally going to take away the christmas trees!! So much stuff has happened, we were simply overwhelmed.

    There are good and bad news. On January 9 my grandfather in Novosibirsk passed away; everyone grieved so much, especially my grandma and dad (his junior son). I, essentially, couldn't go in such cold and also because of my job and the price of tickets. Grandpa was only 74. For America it's a very young age! How's yours? [[How does it compare to yours?]] By the way, James' mom is even 88, and yet she lives alone in Kansas (that's what she wants) and even drives a car. Of course, she's a bit frail but still holding on so far. We're planning to visit her for a week in summer. She wouldn't fly over to us on a plane, that is, she wouldn't want to, anymore.

    Lena, and how are you? How is Chris doing in the garden, and how's Angelina? Are you going to let her to the kindergarden? What's new at the office [[at the workplace]]?

    Here, I've told you all the news - now I'll be looking forward to your reply. Tell me about how's Davie doing at his job.. How are your lessons [[studies]], and what are your plans regarding work and holidays in summer (as summer's not that far away:) Going to Russia in summer?

  • 4 years ago

    It's NOT Russian, not even close to Russian. It's probably Czech, Polish or even Croatian

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  • 10 years ago

    Sorry to say this but thats not russian, Here go onto this website, the best translater ever.

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