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younger girls... older guys...?

i am an older guy and have experienced relationships with younger girls , and now im not turned on by girls my age(32) as much as i am younger girls. I know this might sound bad but the girls my age are mostly scorn , divorce , have kids , and all of that definitely is a turnoff.

i never have a problem hooking up or meeting girls of all ages, but i'm more interested in a girl that isnt scorn and appreciates the relationship more..

i was even with a girl that was 18 and we got along great and went out for like a year...

so i guess i'm wondering why people think it is wrong if we treat each good, and what is the cutoff age?

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  • Dave F
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    I understand what you are saying, I'm 31 now and at age 24 I was seeing a woman who had just turned 18. I think it might have something to do with the younger a woman is, the more likely she is to put her partner (you) ahead of everyone and everything else. As a woman gets older, and has a few relationships where she has been hurt (scorned), or has kids - then her boyfriend isn't going to be quite as high on her priorities. You can see this by some of the questions and answers here!

    Secondly, I don't believe that it has anything to do with maturity, you could be extremely mature, but happen to like being with someone "younger" because they make you feel young again. We see this all the time when celebrities Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes (16 years difference... so when he was your age, she was 16) and the other way too when Ashton Kutcher married Demi Moore (also 16 years difference). There is a certain "innocence" in someone who is younger, and many people (male and female) find that appealing. I personally don't see any problem with that, provided "age of consent" laws in your state or country are not being broken. In older times, it was common for couples to have age gaps of greater than 14-15 years... and those relationships worked extremely well, but today... age difference is still a taboo subject for a lot of people.

    Your final question about "cut-off age" - I'm not sure if there really is one. As long as it's legal, it's only going to be a problem if the couple concerned see it as a problem. Personally, my cut-off age was 7 years difference either way - but recently, I've become open to the possibility that if I hit it off really well with an 18 or 19 year old, it would be pretty stupid to not pursue that. Age is only a number, some people seem to make a big deal out of nothing obviously. Try not to automatically discount someone because of their age... too young, or too old. Good luck!

    Source(s): Edit: Oh, and to the answer above me here from dsayless... try reading your answer, and ask yourself that question again. You accuse your ex-husband of seeing 18 year old women behind your back, while I don't condone cheating - it's possible that this other woman may have offered your husband something he wasn't getting or didn't feel he could get from you. As I suggested in my answer - many of the benefits of being with someone younger, more innocent and less experienced will often far outweigh the benefits of an experienced relationship based on mortgage payments, grown family and approaching retirement. A young woman really looks up to her man, like he is her whole world. When was the last time you made your ex-husband feel that way? Rarely is cheating about sex or lust (even for men) I think it's more about how it makes him FEEL (about himself and his life). Don't be bitter about the past, learn your lesson about how you contributed to the situation and move forward to make a better life for yourself. You come across as a mature, scorned, bitter woman the asker is referring to by your answer.
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    You probably hear the saying love knows no age. If you like each other then there's no problem if you ask me. I know lots of people whose parents are 10 years or more apart. Also if you like each other public opinion shouldn't matter. I'm 19 and my boyfriend is 16. People probably see it as weird or whatever but we don't care. We've been together for over a year now too. If we would have listened to people saying it's weird because of age and the girl being older and all that we wouldn't have been as happy.

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    It's because you are old enough to be these young girl's father, is what is wrong with it!! You should try dating women your own age, or at least within say 5-6 years of you. The cut-off age is 18, though, you know that, it;s the legal age of adulthood,so that pretty much covers that. But for decency's sake, why don't you try over 25 or so? Is it really because you have like this Svengali thing going on, like you need to feel like the big man, or what (I'm really curious, as my ex-husband was dating 18-y.o. girls while we were still married, and he was in his 50's & I never could figure out what the attraction was. . .honestly could you please tell me what you get out of dating these little girls that a grown woman can;t offer you?)

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I was 20yrs old and dated a 29yr old. He was damaged goods and didn't give me the right treatment i deserved. The relationship turned into sex very quickly and things just got complicated. When it came down to a year together and i wanted to know where things were headed he brokeup with me.... I am now with a guy 4 years older than me and am way happier than i was with my ex I say be careful as to how much older this guy is....stick with someone ur own age.... its also different if ur 25 and hes 35....

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  • RAWR
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    :o I think the "cutoff age" is different for everyone.. as long as you aren't dating minors :X then I really don't see a problem. My sister is 21 and is dating a 35 year old. I think it's gross cause the age difference is too much. But it's different for everyone!!! i wouldn't go anymore than 5-6 years difference (at 18 and higher)

  • ......
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    scorn? you're probably just meeting the bad ones.

    18? that's probably pushing it. they just got out of high school. it's really your choice. I think it helps with your ego in my opinion knowing that you can get hot young 18 year olds in their prime.

    that's just me though, I don't think you're that hard to figure out.

    don't you want someone more matured?! at least someone with more experience in life? or you just probably looking for a "hook up" someone you don't want to grow old with, have children with, experience life together with? you can do that with the 18 year old too but they also have college to go to and other guys going after her. she might even end up cheating on you behind your back.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    don't go any younger than 18

  • Anonymous
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    It's because when she is 32 you will be 46... and she might get into other men then?

  • Misty
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    What is "scorn?"

    The reason you aren't attracted to women your age is because your maturity level is that of an 18 year old. That's why you get along so great with them.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    18. As long as you dont' land yourself in prison.

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