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how do i find a old friend?

jose joaquin sanchez angeles in yorksprings,pa.

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    Favorite Answer is one way. Hope you are serious about finding an old friend and not about stalking one.....(never know)

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    You can use to find most anyone in the United States. Try a People Search, which allows you to look for anyone using a first and last name. You can also do an Advanced Search to enter more information if you have other details. has more than 40 years of historical records available, so it lets you search through information from long ago. That helps you find people even if you don’t have much to go on, or your information is seriously outdated. The site also shows you a free preview to help you make sure you’ve found the right person.

    Get started here:

    For more about how to find people, check out this blog:

    Good luck!

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    Look for his number in the phone book, get in touch with people who used to know him on facebook/myspace. Go to where he used to live and ask him landlord or neighbors, if they know where he is.

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    Facebook is a great place to find people. You can also try

    Source(s): my own search fro old friends
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    Make a new one.

    hehe dont know XD

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