why do people hate wrestlers who are just playing a Character on T.V/WWE right now pg.?

We have the right to hate, and the right to say whatever about someone ..hell ... i even hate some stuff .... i hate Hornswaggle ,

but sometimes i wonder why people hate on wrestlers that is just playing as a character on T.V, and take it extremely seriously ..even though wrestling are scripted....

even though the moves/selling moves are painful as idk...however ...think about it ...

Pro Wrestling ..especially mainstream, are just like making an Action movie , you got

The Director (who's actually the owner,boss of the Wrestling Company),

The Scriptwriters (who ever writes the storyline, for the characters),

The Choreographer (the person who teaches the actors, how they should fight, expressions etc),

lastly The Actor/Stuntmen (wrestlers who are just here to do what the director, scriptwriters and Choreographer are telling them what to do) ...

In Movie studio, these actors/stuntman are told what moves they have to do, are told how they should act, are told what they should say? ..hey it depends on that actor..

thats why I'm comparing Action movie to Wrestling .... in WWE/TNA ..you're only going to have to use moves that your boss/scriptwriters/Choreographer have to tell you . ...

Why you think WWE/TNA (WWE especially) limits wrestlers movesets? some moves can be dangerous how the wrestlers use it... actually some of the wrestlers moves or selling moves can still hurt ,

I dare some people who complain about wrestlers having a few moves , try to make it into the WWE/TNA and just do any move they want, be any character they want, and just say whatever they want...

Honestly...I even hate some wrestlers character ,for example Cena...i hate that Character so much , however Cena can wrestle, if you haven't seen his earlier matches in , or before WWE ....it's technically not His fault of his character now...in real life Cena isn't really some type of asshole, actually he's pretty cool in real life...

thats how The Boss Vince makes it... you think Vince make the WWE pg because of the kids????? no....no... John Cena may love the kids , but what he said earlier to vince is true, character or not ? Vince is all about business, and he want the kids parents to pay for the products... WWE PG= more kids looking up to wrestlers= alot of money , think about it , maybe because the Economy now...

now... back to the wrestling...sometimes..you think the wrestlers really want to play their parts, winning alot of titles , don't put over young stars or have a face turn all the time, ??? i don't think so (maybe except for a few) ....

to finish...i wonder how do alot of people think a few wrestlers suck , when these wrestlers actually win alot of Pro Wrestling awards from Magazines, Radio Shows etc....

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    Ok, you had a long winded question, not sure I read everything. Hopefully my answer is not as long as your question. Meet Cena at a show in Savannah, GA in 05, he is genuinely all about the kids. As for hating wrestling characters, maybe one reason is some of those guys forget to flip the switch and be real people when the show is over. Treating the fans exactly how they do on tv, forgetting if it were not for the fans they would not be able to do what they do.

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    Why you think WWE/TNA (WWE especially) limits wrestlers movesets? some moves can be dangerous how the wrestlers use it... actually some of the wrestlers moves or selling moves can still hurt >>>>>>>>>>>>

    TNA and WWE attack injuries two different ways.

    WWE has a 300 plus day schedule, where talent are basically put through a year long grinder and get very limited rest and recovery time if any. To combat this WWE enforces a strict limited moves policy for their matches in an effort to reduce injuries.

    TNA has a lighter schedule where they give their talent plenty of time to rest and recover. They do not have a policy on moves limitations. The biggest limitation TNA has is chair shots to the head. It better be protected or your'll be put in the dog house. TNA also has a doctor on staff that works with all the talent to keep there injuries down.

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    Dusty Rhodes play the masked Midnight Rider, not the Midnight Express, That was a team consisting of Bobby Eaton and Dennis Conrey, later Eaton and Stan Lane. Several wrestlers have played 2 or more characters. Among them are Glen Jacobs (Dr Issac Yankem and Kane) Mick Foley (Cactus Jack, Mankind and Dude Love) and Dustin Runnels (Dustin Rhodes and Golddust)

  • It's just the theory of man. Here at the IWC, we take Wrestling VERY seriously because we LOVE it. We've been there when Stone Cold Stunnered every Alliance Member. We were there when Bret Hart got screwed. We were there when The Undertaker was buried alive... Hell, we were there when DX invaded WCW headquarters. We take Wrestling seriously because we don't watch it... We live it. All the times when we would watch Wrestling while drinking with pals and giving them Stunners... All down the drain... Have you ever hated someone in an Action movie who you just wanted them to die so bad? I bet you have. It's the same for Wrestling. We HATE John Cena and Hornswoggle who basically took our Action-packed, TV-14 Movie and turned it into a Disney flick. On top of that, our favorite Wrestlers being buried all the damn time makes us sick. Yes we know, it's all scripted and it's all in a day's work for Wrestlers, but again we don't watch it. We live it. We basically ignore the fact that it's scripted and take it as real, because we love it.

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    Because they are buying into Kayfabe and there is nothing wrong with that. Heels are supposed to be booed. Been that way since heels and faces existed except for maybe in the Attitude Era. Which is one of the reasons why I thought that era was overrated. There were no clearcut bad and good guys like there were in the 80's (except for maybe Vince McMahon)

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    Wow... How much time you spoiled in writing this.... If i were you i would have downloaded a Shawn Michaels Vs Under match match rather than asking this question.

    Wrestling is scripted but not fully

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  • i'm not reading all that stuff.

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