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Are these good movies? There from the 1940's, are they any classics?

1947 Fabulous Dorseys, The Tommy Dorsey Jimmy Dorsey Paul Whiteman

1947 Calendar Girl Jane Frazee William Marshall Victor McLaglen

1941 Sunny Anna Neagle Ray Bolger Edward Everett Horton

1944 Swing Hostess Martha Tilton Iris Adrian Charles Collins

1930 Dixiana Bebe Daniels Bert Wheeler Robert Wolsey

1934 Palooka Jimmy Durante Lupe Velez Stuart Erwin

1929 Glorifying the American Girl Eddie Cantor Rudy Vallee Noah Beery Jr.

1933 Check and Double Check Duke Ellington Freeman F Gosden Charles J Correll

1939 Paradise in Harlem Mamie Smith Frank L Wilson Norman Astwood

1946 Duke is Tops, The Lena Horne Ralph Cooper Laurence Criney

1947 Reet, Petite and Gone Louis Jordan June Richmond Milton Wood

1948 Killer Diller Nat King Cole Johnny Miller Oscar Moore

1945 Delightfully Dangerous Jane Powell Ralph Bellamy Arthur Treacher

1942 Private Buckaroo Andrews Sisters Shemp Howard Donald O'Connor

1943 Stage Door Canteen Kenny Baker Tallulah Bankhead Edgar Bergen

1943 Career Girl Frances Langford Edward Norris Iris Adrian

1941 Second Chorus Fred Astaire Paulette Goddard Artie Shaw

1944 Trocadero Rosemary Lane Johnny Downs Ralph Morgan

1946 People Are Funny Jack Haley Rudy Valee Art Linkletter

1946 Doll Face Dennis O'Keefe Perry Como Vivian Blaine

1929 Great Gabbo, The Eric Von Stroheim Betty Compson Donald Douglas

1936 Dancing Pirate, The Frank Morgan Charles Collins Steffi Duna

1941 Road Show Adolph Menjou Carole Landis John Hubbard

1943 Hi Diddle Diddle Adolphe Menjou Martha Scott Dennis O'Keefe

1956 Rock, Rock, Rock Tuesday Weld Chuck Berry Valerie Harper

1934 King Kelly of the USA Edgar Kennedy Guy Robertson Irene Ware

1955 Rock N' Roll Revue Duke Ellington Nat King Cole Lionel Hampton

1955 Rhythm and Blues Revue Nat King Cole Sarah Vaughn Count Basie

1946 Till the Clouds Roll By Judy Garland Frank Sinatra Dinah Shore

1941 All-American Co-Ed Johnny Downs Frances Langford Noah Beery Jr.

1947 Hi Di Ho Cab Calloway Ida James Jeni Le Gon

1946 Breakfast in Hollywood Bonita Granville Beulah Bondi Zasu Pitts

Soundies Festival Ethel Waters Eddy Green Dusty Fletcher

Soundies Cavalcade Lena Horne Teddy Wilson Dusty Fletcher

1930 Reaching For The Moon Douglas Fairbanks Bebe Daniels Edward Everett Horton

1951 Mr Imperium Lana Turner Ezio Pinza Debbie Reynolds

1951 Royal Wedding Fred Astaire Jane Powell Peter Lawford

1957 Pied Piper of Hamelin, The Van Johnson Jim Backus Claude Rains

1962 Wild Guitar Arch Hall Jr. Nancy Czar Arch Hall Sr.

1941 Murder With Music Nellie Hill Alston Bob Dillard

1952 Jack And The Beanstalk Bud Abbott Lou Costello Buddy Baer

1946 Road To Hollywood, The Bing Crosby Bud Pollard Marion Sayers

1936 Big Show, The Gene Autry Smiley Burnette Kay Hughes

1962 Black Tights Cyd Charisse Maurice Chevalier Moira Shearer

1941 Fiesta Anne Ayars Jorge Negrete Armida

1941 Let's Go Collegiate Gale Storm Frankie Darro Marcia Mae Jones

1940 Up in the Air Frankie Darro Marjorie Reynolds Mantan Moreland

1944 Minstrel Man Gladys George Benny Fields Alan Dinehart

1937 Rhythm in the Clouds Patricia Ellis Warren Hull William Newell

1936 Sitting on the Moon Grace Bradley Roger Pryor William Newell

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    How can you let other people decide if a movie is good or not, you should decide that for yourself.

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    that's debatable

    they have some unique ones on your list, I'd look at ones from the 1940's as having the most promise.

    you have to remember things and the world was different back then and cannot be compared to todays movies.

    1943 Stage Door Canteen Kenny Baker Tallulah Bankhead Edgar Bergen

    1941 Second Chorus Fred Astaire Paulette Goddard Artie Shaw

    1946 Till the Clouds Roll By Judy Garland Frank Sinatra Dinah Shore

    what you should do is pick out a few names that you recognize and search for a bit of background on them like Ray Bolger, Vivian Blaine, Eddie Cantor

    1957 Pied Piper of Hamelin, The Van Johnson Jim Backus Claude Rains

    for example you might know Jim Backus as Thurston Howell III from "Gilligan's Island" .but did you know he was in hundreds of old movies?

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    Of the films you have listed, I would only recommend a handful:

    Glorifying the American Girl, Stage Door Canteen, Road Show, Hi Diddle Diddle, Royal Wedding, Jack and the Beanstalk, Up in the Air and Minstrel Man are all films well worth the investment of your time in watching them. Each of the films I have listed have merits of their own. Of the eight films, four have been nominated for Oscars with a total of six nominations amongst them.

    In my opinion, each of these have elements of classics.

    Source(s): Personal Experience
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    I'm sorry, but this list is waaay too long. A couple of those may be considered classics, such as "Private Buckaroo" because it starred Abbot and Costello, and introduced the song "Boogie-woogie Bugle Boy of Company B" which was covered by Bette Midler in the 70s.

    Ditto "Jack and the Beanstalk" with A & C and the boxer Buddy Baer, whose son, Max Baer, would someday play Jethro Bodine on "The Beverly Hillbillies."

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    I would definitely recommend "Royal Wedding" with Fred Astaire. "Til The Clouds Roll By" is a good movie, based on the life of Composer Jerome Kerns. "Stage Door Canteen" is kinda a lame story line but it's fun to watch if you like the people who are in it.

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