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Why does my web address appear when typed into browser bar but not when placed in google?


I am a real novice so bare with me.

I recently bought two domain names and have a one page website for each both with the same host server.

I have two questions.

1, Why does my website show up when typed into the browser bar but not when typed into google search engine? Actually, my 1st website does show up in google but it is listed as "Mt front page" and has words underneath which relate to a google adsense ad. This is annoying as I am using the webpage to take potential customers through to the product owners site (I am an affiliate owner) and the word don't relate to what I am selling?

2, On the 2nd of my site I have uploaded a free html template to my website. Unfortunately, the images are not showing up?

My host provider has advised me to contact a web designer but at the moment I cannot afford it?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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    To answer the first question.

    When you type YourAddress in the top of the browser, your browser goes to that address and you see your site. When you type it into Google you are not going to the site, you are doing a KeyWord search for YourAddress on the web.

    Google Adsense alows Google to place thier ads on your site. You can go to Adsense and adjust the type of ads that they can show on your site, to make it more relevent.

    If you want people to be able to use the Google Search to find your site, you must create an account on Google AdWords. They will ask you to enter Key Words and phases that are relevent to you buiseness, and when someone searches any of those words, your site will appear in the list of website results. Then the may or may not click on your site.

    To answer the second question.

    That sounds like an addressing issue. Your webpage is looking for the images in the wrong place.

    You can use NotePad to open and edit the webpage on your computer. Then you will need upload and replace the page on your website.

    A quick course in HTML.

    Open NotePad or any text editor, go to the File menu and click open. Where it says Files of type:, near the bottom, select All Files. Then find your webpage and click Open.

    You will be looking for the image tags, Go up to the Edit menu and select find. type in <img , that will bring you to the first image tag. You need to fix the tag where is says to <img src="WhatEverYourWebAddressIs/TheImageName" or if your image files are in an image folder on your website you need to map to them like this : src="WhatEverYourWebAddressIs/YourImageFolder/TheImageName". Pressing F3 will find the next img tag. When all are fixed, go to the File menu and click Save. then upload the webpage to your website. Without knowing exactly how your site is laid out, that is the best I can do. The problem is in the image tag under source =.

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    "Why does my website show up when typed into the browser bar but not when typed into google search engine? " This is because it is not indexed by google, you'll have to suggest the site to google. As far as what your site is being "listed as", simply change the title of the web page. place what you want between these tags <title></title>

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