Was the Superbowl 44 Rigged?

I believe the Superbowl was rigged do to a number of reasons. I am seeking intelligent input from others about how they feel. First off I am a New Orleans native and I love the Saints win or loose I bleed black and gold. If you are not unplugged and you find this offenses then you probably should not answer.

First reason I think the game was rigged is because ESPN dot com released the "Saints have won the Super Bowl" article 4 days prior to kick off http://www.sbnation.com/2010/2/7/1299653/super-bow... Several Colts fans were upset about it over at Bluestampede an Indi fan site. I found the article because I had the feeling that the game would be rigged in the favor of the Saints due to me noticing several similar coincidences in the Minnesota game. So, naturaly I googled the phrase Saints have won the Superbowl an hour before the game. This leads me to my next reason I think it was rigged was the Pres Bush sr. cameo in the Saints press box with Saints owner Tom Benson during the Minnesota game. I kind of wonder if they were talking about how to divi up the millions or even billions that the city was about to generate due to the New Orleans disaster to superbowl stories coupled along with starting Mardi Gras a week and a half early due to the victory. Tourisim will be through the roof memrobilia sales, hotels, cabs, movies, documentaries OMG the entire NewOrleans economy will get a booster shot better than any stimulus could dream of.

Next overwhelming coincidence is the half time show act The Who. Ok the NFL was just fighting with the city over the right to coin the phrase Who Dat the Saints fight chant since before I was born " Who Dat 2x Who dat said the gonna beat them Saints". So "The Who" performs in the super bowl that The "Who Dat" Boys win. Both Brette Farve and Peyton Manning threw pics in roughly the same position of winning the game to the same side of the field to the same guy. 2 of the best QBs of my generation get picked by the same guy. Number 22 is just that good I assume; he should be in the hall of fame.

Next reason is because we cant beat Dallas, TB or the Panthers, but we can blow out the best team in the league with a 22 game win streak.

Final overwhelming coincidence is that a couple big name Colts players or New Orleans boys. Peyton Manning who was born in black and gold is the son of Archie Manning who was prior to the Drew Breeze arrival was the greatest quarter back in New Orleans Saints history. Now New Orleans can hang that Super Bowl 44 banner next to Archie Mannings retired Jersey in the Super Dome. Reggie Wayne whom is also of NO decent. Not implicating that these gentlemen were in on the rigging, but I just wanted to present the evidence. 2 guys who I am sure also bleed black and gold if they get cut. Even though they play under a blue and white helmet.

I know that many people think that it would be impossible or to difficult to rig a game of this magnitude, and with so many people involved it would be impossible, but the naivety that this form of thinking produces makes for the perfect cover up for the manipulation to take place.

My point is there is no reason to BE honest if I have an honest image and the public is biased towards my honesty for whatever reason. Some will go as far as being ready to stand up and fight anyone accusing me as being anything but honest. As long as the rulers make the game look believable; which they did a half butted job at, the people that pull the strings can make anything they want to happen become reality. Thank You all for reading my opinion.

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  • 10 years ago
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    reading all of this garbage really makes me wonder why most americans are sooo naive! i would bet that the same people that think the superbowl wasn't rigged are the same people that think that professional wrestling is real.bottom line is people cant handle the truth and at this point, the only thing you can really do is just let it go.

    before i post this i would like to make it clear i do not like either of these teams more then the other, and didnt bet on either team...BUT

    there is a few reasons why this game was rigged, and not just this game, all sports are rigged nowadays...

    1. if you went to msnbc.com or espn.com or cnn.com...they all leaked stories on feb.4 of "Drew Brees being 1 of 18 rookie quarterbacks to finally win a superbowl" and how new orleans needed it and so on...on the morning of feb.5, drew brees name was erased from the list along with the article and the list was shortened to 17...

    2. people have a hard time believing a game is rigged but the truth is there is more money in seeing the the team who people want to win more then taking the chance of seeing what happens...NFL betting is more then a $700 billion industry...it isnt necessarly the players throw the game, its more the refs make calls that lean towards the team the NFL wants to win, and when needed the quarterback will fumble or throw a pic...they actually pay the players the same or possibly more for doing this...

    3. with all of this considered, it is obvious whether you all want to believe it or not that NFL wanted the SAINTS to win becaus of everything that has happened to NEW ORLEANS with the hurricane and such...with saints winnig the superbowl, it helps the economy because it brings much needed money to a state that has been struggling for awhile now...AND will raise betting by possible a billion dollars next year...PEOPLE YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THIS IS A BUSINESS, AND INDUSTRY!!! THEY WILL DO WHATEVER THEY CAN TO MAKE MORE MONEY!!!

    Source(s): espn.com msnbc.com cnn.com....google.com search "saints already won superbowl?"
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    Was the Superbowl 44 Rigged?

    I believe the Superbowl was rigged do to a number of reasons. I am seeking intelligent input from others about how they feel. First off I am a New Orleans native and I love the Saints win or loose I bleed black and gold. If you are not unplugged and you find this offenses then you probably should...

    Source(s): superbowl 44 rigged: https://tr.im/Ux6FI
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    10 years ago

    I say no, because if it was rigged wouldn't they have the saints win the superbowl in 2006? A year after hurricane katrina, the saints were 1 game away from the superbowl and were about to complete the greatest story in nfl history.

    Another reason why it's not rigged is that the saints lost to those three teams this year was because of injuries when the saints were healthy they blew out the bucs.

    The saints had some bad calls against them during the vikings game too but people don't remember for some reason.

    And wouldn't it have been better for the nfl and it's ratings if Favre was in the superbowl instead of the saints?

  • 6 years ago

    You would have a fair argument if you were trying to state that the league favors certain teams with refs. In that case, the Saints did get a lot of favorable calls in that game against Minnesota and lots of no calls that would have crippled them if the refs hadn't turned a blind eye.

    As for Favre and Manning throwing picks, do you even watch these guys? Favre spent his entire career getting away with passes like the one that was picked off against N.O. That was classic Favre, nothing he had never done before.

    Manning, same thing. I know everyone thinks hes God and can never do anything wrong but go back and watch clips of his playoff loses and he has made many boneheaded throw like that one to Tracy Porter.

    Again, your argument is retarded and sounds like the usual two bit crack pot conspiracy. Maybe Alex Jones might like your logic, but common sense applied, I don't. You would have a fair argument and something sounding educated if you actually broke down penalties and how the league has favored certain teams with ref play over the past decade. Instead you go into la la land with all this crap about the players and "The Who" playing at the Super Bowl and making it sound like some Illuminatitard junk that is plastered all over Youtube.

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    Saints Super Bowl Wins

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    10 years ago

    There is no chance in the world that you can rig a game of this magnitude (or any NFL game) due to the number of different intangibles involved in the NFL (that's what makes the game so great, the unpredictable things that can happen on any play)

    The NFL is the ultimate team sport so you would need to bribe all 32 players on the field. And who has enough money to win over 32 athletes who are getting paid millions to WIN!! the game.

    Don't get hung up on conspiracy theories, most things are simple and are what they are!!!

  • 4 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    The game was rigged. Super bowl 48 was two. The reffs were payed in both games buy the nfc team. That is why we have seen so many no calls. there were so many horse callors and face maskes in both games.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I quit reading after the first paragraph.

    You do know that media venues print headlines in advance of an sporting and election event, right? It has been done for decades so that media outlets can be the first to report a story. It is almost sort of like how there were New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Championship hats made before the game. Is that a sign of a fixed game? News Flash: There are case loads of Indianapolis Colts, Super Bowl 44 Champions hats and shirts that will never see the light of day.

    Your theory is laughable.

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