should I move to alabama????

my husband and I want to move to alabama to open a photography business for parties..

He's been there several times to albertville and liked it very much..

I havent been there..

and want to know how it is...

weather? jobs? college? living expenses

Ive been looking up in internet but not much info

We are currently in CA...

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    Alabama will probably be an acquired taste to someone from California.

    They call Birmingham the Magic CIty, and that's a website that's pretty representative of what you can find there. It's the largest city in the state.

    As for jobs, it varies wildly right now. Some industry have laid off a lot of people. But take a look at to see a good range of who's hiring. I wouldn't call the job market good in general, but some fields are doing all right.

    You do have some pretty good colleges. Auburn University has a first class vet school, and people come from all over the world for the UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham) medical school.

    The weather can get very, very hot and muggy in the summer, but from fall through spring it's an extremely mild and pleasant place to live. (If you don't live too close to water, and so get carried off by mosquitos.)

    The one really good thing about Alabama is that it's a very cheap place to live. You can get a nice two bedroom apartment in a safe neighborhood in Birmingham for $850 or less, if you take time to look around. If you plan to live somewhere rural -- well, I have a friend who leases a 3-bedroom, beautiful renovated farmhouse for $550. Her utilities (electric, water, gas) top out at less than $200 a month even in summer, with the central a/c going constantly.

    Not sure if this was what you were looking for, but I hope it helped. Feel free to ask if you have more specific questions. I live there for 28 years.

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    if you have to ask then yes

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