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ASTM B663 / 633 詳細問題

請問 ASTM B663 及 ASTM 633 作業規範

其電鍍方式為何種? 鍍銀? 鍍鋅? 厚度? 亮? 霧?

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    ASTM B663: Standard Specification for Silver-Tungsten Carbide Electrical Contact Material


    8. Finishing of Contacts

    8.1 The material shall be finished by such operations as necessary to meet requirements agreed upon between the manufacturer and the purchaser of the contacts (braze alloy backing, tumbling to polish surfaces, special surface finish, silver-rich surface layer, cleaning, etc.).



    至於ASTM 633,不清楚是ASTM A633, ASTM B633, ASTM C633 還是ASTM D633, 標題名稱如下:

    ASTM A633 -- Standard Specification for Normalized High-Strength Low-Alloy Structural Steel Plates 低合金鋼板規格

    ASTM B633 -- Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings of Zinc on Iron and Steel 在鐵與鋼上電鍍鋅的規格

    ASTM C633 -- Standard Test Method for Adhesion or Cohesion Strength of Thermal Spray Coatings 熱噴霧塗層附著強度的測試方法

    ASTM D633 -- Standard Volume Correction Table for Road Tar 道路柏油體積修正表


    看起來應該是ASTM B633,這個規格中規定的鍍層厚度有四種:


      名稱   適用條件     最小鍍層厚度(微米)

     Fe/Zn 25 SC 4 (非常嚴苛)    25

     Fe/Zn 13 SC 3 (嚴苛)      12

     Fe/Zn 8  SC 2 (和緩)      8

     Fe/Zn 5  SC 1 (溫和)      5




    Type Description            最少鹽霧測試時間(hr)

     I  無任何後處理

     II  鍍有色鉻             96

     III  鍍無色鉻             12

     IV  鍍磷酸鹽

     V  無色鈍化層處理          72

     VI  有色鈍化層處理          120


    Source(s): ASTM B663/A633/B633/C633/D633
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