what is the meaning of Blue & gold rotation in the navy?


Is it a 1 year rotation or 6 months??

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    Specifically "Blue and Gold" refers to the two crews of a ballistic missile submarine. Fast attack submarines only have one crew.

    Traditionally a ship has one crew. That one crew takes the ship goes through a "cycle," which is comprised of a maintenance period, workup/training period and a deployment overseas. After the deployment it returns to homeport and begins the cycle again. A cycle typically covers 18-24 months. So to keep a ship deployed, the Navy requires 3 or 4 additional ships to support the single ship that is deployed.

    For a ballistic missile submarine, to reduce the time the submarine is not on station/deployed and not on patrol, each submarine has two crews. While one crew (the blue crew) is on patrol, the other crew (the gold crew) is in homeport training and working up. At the end of blue crew's patrol, the submarine returns to homeport, both crews do a brief maintenance period, and then the gold crew takes the submarine out on patrol, while the blue crew conducts training and workup. The cycle for a ballistic missile submarine is 35 days in port and 77 days on patrol.

    The Navy uses a similar system for the Cyclone class patrol craft and Avenger class minesweepers, although the crews are not called blue crew and gold crew. The crews are assigned to a ship, but they may replace a crew of a different ship, which is unlike the two submarine crews which are assigned to a single ballistic missile submarine. Again this practice allows the Navy to keep the ships on station/deployed without keeping the crew deployed.

    From 2002 to 2007, the Navy conducted multi-crew experiments with larger ships - destroyers - using three and four crews to crew a single destroyer. This allowed a single ship to be deployed overseas longer than four separate single-crew ships, by eliminating the transit time to and from the United States to the overseas theater.

    Source(s): Prior Navy.
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    Navy Blue Meaning

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    It refers to Submarine crews. One is designated Blue, the other Gold.

    When the ship returns to homeport the crew that just finished the patrol is relieved by their counterpart on the other crew.

    2 crews and 1 ship.

    Source(s): USN Retired.
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    Specifically it refers to the crews of the SSBN - the ballistic missile submarine. A number of other ships have copied the name but not the method - they call one team gold and one blue, but everyone deploys.

    Source(s): Active duty Navy, 10 years
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    I too have the same question

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