what college is best for majoring in humanities or history?

(srry for such the long paragraph for my question) Im in 9th grade and i know graduation is 4yrs away but I just want to get things narrowed down so it can be easier for me to make the right decisions on what i want to do after high school. I am really fascinated with 1800's history and back wherever it might be, religion, poitics, art,literature. And i learned that humanites would cover religion,politics,art,etc. but in history it would cover 1600's europe and such. I would want to learn all these things but im not sure neccarsaily how and i will learn that when i become a senior and etc but i want to know wut would be the best college to go to major in humanities or history?

thanks for your help and opinion

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    Well, I am an undergrad (sophomore) at Loyola University Chicago, which is well-known in the Chicago area for their focus on the humanities. I'm a history and philosophy major with a minor in political science. So far, I have taken 5 history classes, 3 poli sci, 5 philosophy classes, and 3 theology classes. Since Loyola is a Jesuit (Catholic order of priests) run college, each student must take 2 theology courses, though they don't even have to be Christian courses. Many of my friends take Islamic affairs, or buddhist philosophy instead.

    We have about 10,000 undergards and our student body is less than 40% Catholic by the way, so don't let the Catholic thing scare you. I would say that any Jesuit run university would be great for studying the humanities.

    This includes:

    Marquette (Milwaukee)

    Loyola (Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles)

    Creighton (Omaha)

    Fordham (New York City)

    Fairfield (Connecticut)

    Gonzaga (Spokane)

    Georgetown (Washington DC)

    John Carroll (Cleveland)

    Regis (Denver)

    Boston College (Boston)

    St. Louis University (STL)

    Xavier (Cincinnati, OH)

    So, as you can see, there are LOTS to choose from. Obviously some are better than others. Georgetown, Boston College, Fordham, SLU, Loyola, and Marquette are the best academically.


    Source(s): Good luck! College is a load of fun so far!
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    A degree in Anthropology, Archeology, Creative Writing, General Studies, History, Humanities, Literature, Political Science, most any language including English, Philosophy or Sociology is considered a "personal enrichment" degree. That is, these degrees are degrees that are meant to enrich you personally in the classical sense of a university education without leading to any specific job.

    However, in today's world where people go to university to enable themselves to get a job and hopefully a career a bachelor's in these fields is essentially useless. With a degree in these fields and a GPA generally over 3.0 you can:

    1. Get into law school. However law schools today graduate far more lawyers than there is business for lawyers.

    2. Get into graduate school in a different field. Hopefully one without too many prerequisites you do not have. Consider getting a masters in Technology Management. You can make a similar salary to an engineer but you need essentially no sciences prerequisites.

    3. Get into graduate school in the same field and eventually into a PhD so you can become a college professor in this field someday. However, there are far more PhD grads in some fields like Philosophy than there ever will be professorships or any kind of teaching programs.

    4. Take a teaching qualification, which is usually 2 more years, so you can teach the subject at a public K-12 school.

    5. Look for a job in a field where they want you to have a degree without any concern what it is. Where they only want the degree because they want educated people who have proven they can stick with something difficult and see it to completion. Like the insurance industry.

    6. If you join the military you are more likely to enter as an officer instead of enlisted personnel.

    Do note that if you do go for a more advanced degree, no one cares where you got your bachelor’s degree. Only the school where you got your most advanced degree counts. And that counts for a lot less than the name schools would have you believe.

    If your GPA is over 3.0, don’t take a second undergrad degree if you already have one of these degrees. A graduate degree will be more valuable to you.

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