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The Crucible

Act I Study Guide

1. What is the setting? (time and place)

2. What make Tituba so “unique” in the town and society in which she was living?

3. What happened in the woods?

4. Why does Parris try to cover up what happened in the woods?

5. How does Abigail feel about Goody Proctor? Why?

6. What hardship has good Putnam had to endure?

7. Which townspeople seem eager to have Parris admit witchcraft? Why might they want witchcraft to be found in their village?

8. Which of the girls seems to be “in charge” of the situation?

9. What sin does Proctor feel guilty about?

10. Why does Betty begin screaming? What does she scream?

11. What does the friction between Putnam and Rebecca Nurse stem from?

12. What are Proctor’s complaints about Parris’ ministry? (List at least 2)

13. Describe Rebecca Nurse. What does Rebecca think about the afflicted girls behavior? What happens when she approaches Betty?

14. Describe Reverend Hale’s attitude as he enters the room.

15. What condition does Hale make to the group before he examines Betty?

16. What motivates Tituba to lie?

17. Who does Tituba accuse of witchcraft?

18. Why do you think Abigail and Betty volunteer names too?

The Crucible

Act II Study Guide

1. What is the setting? How much time has passed?

2. Describe Elizabeth Proctor. How would you describe her demeanor or attitude toward her husband?

3. Why does Elizabeth want John to go to court?

4. Why is Proctor afraid to go to court? What is he hiding? What does this say about his honesty?

5. What news does Mary Warren bring from the court about herself? About Abigail? About the Proctors?

6. What gift does Mary Warren give Goody Proctor?

7. Why did Reverend Hale come to the Proctors’ house?

8. What excuse does Proctor give for not going to church? What’s the real reason? What does this say about Proctor’s attitude about authority?

9. What happens to the people who were “somewhat mentioned” in court?

10. How is Hale changing in this Act? Explain.

11. Why is Hale’s line: “If Rebecca Nurse be tainted, then nothing is left to stop the whole green earth from burning” important?

12. What evidence does Cheever discover in the Proctor’s house that leads to Elizabeth’s arrest? Explain how Abigail is connected to this evidence.

13. What does Proctor tell Mary Warren she will do at the end of the Act?

14. Write a prediction. What do you think will happen when Mary Warren and John Proctor go to court?

The Crucible

Act III Study Guide

1. What is the setting?

2. What is Judge Danforth’s concern (worry) about Proctor’s motives (reasons) for presenting evidence to the court?

3. What does Proctor say his motive is for coming to court?

4. Why did the Judge tell John Proctor that Elizabeth is pregnant?

5. What happens to the people who signed a testament saying Rebecca Nurse, Martha Corey and Elizabeth Proctor are good Christian women?

6. What charge does Giles Corey make against Thomas Putnam?

7. Why won’t Giles Corey reveal his source to the court? What happens to Giles when he refuses to reveal his source?

8. What does Danforth say to Mary about perjury?

9. Reread Governor Danforth’s lines on page 99. What “point” is he trying to get across? How will this affect the townspeople who have not yet been accused?

10. On page 105, reread Danforth’s speech. What does he say is important in a case of witchcraft? Why?

11. Why can Mary Warren not faint when Judge Hathorne asks her to faint? Why do you think she cannot pretend to faint at this moment?

12. Why does John Proctor loudly roar that Abby is a “whore”?

13. Why does Elizabeth deny John’s lechery?

14. Explain the scene with the yellow bird. What is really going on in this scene?

15. Why does Mary change her story and accuse Proctor?

16. Why does Proctor say “God is dead!”?

17. What would you have done if you were Mary Warren in this Act?

The Crucible

Act IV Study Guide

1. What is the setting?

2. What is one indication that life in Salem is now in chaos (disorder)?

3. Why is Reverend Parris overly anxious and at one point crying in this Act?

4. What has happened to Abigail?

5. Why does Danforth say he will not postpone the proceedings (hangings)? See pages 135-136.

6. Why does Hale try to get Elizabeth and the others to lie when lying is clearly against church principles? See pages 138-139.

7. Although Giles Corey is tortured and eventually executed by the court, he still manages to “defeat” the court. Explain why or how.

8. What is Proctor’s rationale for lying to the court? (How is he trying to convince himself it is okay to confess to a lie?) See pages 143.

9. How has Elizabeth and John’s relationship changed and why has it changed?

10. Why are Danforth and Reverend Parris so eager to have John Proctor confess to witchcraft? How will his confession affect each of them personally?

11. Why does John revoke his confession, and what is the decisi

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    The Crucible Reading Guide Answers

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    1. What do the judge’s statements and questions reveal about his attitude towards Martha Cory?

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