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Anonymous asked in SportsWinter SportsSnow Skiing · 1 decade ago

i need skis, boots, and poles! HELP ME CHOOSE!?

i've been skiing 3 times, but i'm getting it pretty good. i LOVE it, and am going to invest in skis. i've rented size 130 cm skis, and size 26 cm boots. My pole s lie the jumps and can almost land a 180... so i was thinking win tips. if you could give some suggestions of boots skis and poles that would be great. i found all these things at a local store for about $250 new, less would be great and i wouldn't mind used as lond as they are in some-what good condition. links would be great too, but anythind is appreciated. Thanks!


oh yea... size 42 in poles

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    Alright. First of all, a bit more info on how tall/heavy you are would help.

    As a general rule, your skis should be between your chin and the top of your head, shorter skis are easier to handle for novice skiers, longer skis offer more stability and control at higher speeds.

    The most important pieces of equipment you will own are your boots, everything else can be bought secondhand, but you NEED new boots. Old boots are packed out to fit other people's feet, they won't fit you. Always buy at a local shop, if you buy at a local shop they will fit your boots for free, this includes adjusting to remove pressure points, which will need to be done. I can't recommend boots for you, go talk to a bunch of shop techs and bootfitters from different stores, find some professional opinions. DON'T BUY FOR LOOKS OR TECH FEATURES, BUY WHAT FITS. That said, you should be able to get a good pair for between 100$ and 200$.

    Your skis are a bit easier to choose, by the sound of it you want an all-mountain/park ski. Once again my best advice is to talk to some shop techs, tell them what you're looking for and they can suggest some skis for you. That said, look for some skis with an 80-95mm waist, wider if you live out west. Look for some twin tip skis, not too stiff and park/all-mountain oriented. Suggestions:

    Line Chronic

    Volkl Bridge (Rather stiff, more all mountain/pow, I ride these in 177cm (really 180), I'm 180cm tall)

    Volkl Wall

    Moment Reno Jib

    Moment Rocker

    Rossignol S1

    Rossignol S4

    Head Bullet

    Head Blackjack

    Salomon Threat

    Salomon Dumont

    Salomon Suspect

    Line Anthem

    Armada Alpha 1

    Armada Alpha 2

    Armada T-Hall

    K2 Kung Fujas

    K2 Extreme

    K2 Silencer

    Google 'em for specs/pictures/reviews, look into each one.

    Those are some suggestions, go demo some skis at your local mountain, ask ski shops in your area or shops at the mountain, find some that work for you.

    Pretty much any binding will work, although stay away from Markers. They don't have the same track record as Rossignol (which includes Look and Dynastar), Salomon or Head (Tyrolia), they're known to have prerelease issues, and while not bad bindings per se, there are better bindings for the same price. Look at the Salomon STH series, any head or Tyrolia binding, or my personal favourite and the favourite of many others, the Rossignol FKS (Look Pivot).

    Anything goes as far as poles are concerned, to test the proper height of your poles:

    - Put on your skis and boots

    - Turn the pole upside down, and grab it below the basket (Grab the part that stays above the snow)

    - Your arm should make a 90 degree angle at your elbow

    Aluminum poles are fine, carbon fiber poles are lighter and don't bend nearly as easily, but they're ridiculously expensive.

    Hope that helps, my best advice is still to talk to many shop techs, demo some skis, and BUY YOUR BOOTS LOCALLY.

    EDIT: I fixed what I wrote about poles.

    Source(s): I have been skiing for years, and I'm on top of the latest info on skis. I'm an avid member of many skiing communities, and I'm a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol. I'm a very advanced skier.
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    When I think of the best brands I think K2 for skis, salomon for boots and leki for poles. However this is my personal preference. Poles, for the most part doesn't matter, you can do fine with pretty much any brand. Almost the same with boots. Find the boots YOU like and that YOU find comfortable because you will regret buying a pair of boots that aren't the most comfortable just because you think (or others think) they are better. Skis, I still say K2.

    I would just go to the gear shop and ask the people there. They should help you pick out skis/boots/poles that are a good fit for you.

  • Jim W
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    NSOuwest seems to have it pretty close. Buy the poles long and then the grips can be removed and use a hacksaw to cut to the exact length you need. Too long a pole will interfere with bump skiing, too short and it destroys your timing. Boots are the most critical part of the package. Anyone trying to tell you otherwise is very wrong. Your boots are probably a size 26 not 26 cm go to a professional boot shop and get fit properly, not the discount chain stores. Ask the pro instructors at your resort for their suggestion on which store to use.

    Source(s): 45+ years teaching skiing.
  • 1 decade ago

    You recently answered one of my questions.

    There are different types of skis, used for different purposes.

    You said you've been skiing three times. Which means you probably wouldn't use racing skis. You might want to consider Twin Tips for the Terrain Parks, you said you can almost 180. Try Armadas, they're awesome.

    Some great downhill ski brands are Rossignol, Salomon, or Alpina.

    For poles I'd recommend Scott. That is probably the most popular.

    Boots dont really matter they dont make much of a difference. But as long as you dont get Advanced racing boots or something. Keep it simple. Maybe a pair of Lange.

    Source(s): my head.
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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Downhill or cross country? For cross country, I really like the Solomen boots and bindings, and they have great skis.

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