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What do you think about Danica Patrick's switch to NASCAR?

Do you think we'll see more wins under this platform or more of the same?

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    I think that Danica deserves a shot to at least try to prove that she can race in some form of NASCAR and be competitive. Anyone who isn't just a southern redneck rebel from the past 100 years would at least acknowledge the fact that she did good in her first race. I will say this because a lot of dumb people are getting hung up on the ARCA isn't NASCAR thing. They are right, they are 2 different series, but they are still stock cars and I wouldn't say that just anyone can drive in ARCA either or I would be there right now. ARCA is still a very high level of motorsports racing all be it not as high as nationwide, trucks, or sprint cup or IRL. However, everyone has to start somewhere and I've seen drivers who have driven stock cars their whole life leading up to their 1st race make it 5 or 10 laps at Daytona and start a huge wreck. I'm not saying she's just going to jump in the nationwide car this week and win the race, but the ARCA race will help her. She has some confidence now in what she can do and with some practice in the car before the race she will be able to decipher the difference in feel and adapt accordingly. If she went out and wrecks herself or a bunch of other cars the first time she was surrounded by other drivers saturday in the ARCA race. I would say without a doubt that its going to take a lot of time for her. I will still say it is going to take time with her, but you can't deny the fact that she ran an ARCA race and she had success. That's all she can do. She couldn't worry at the time about how much different that would be from nationwide. She was in that car, she made adjustments and got a feel for it and finished in the top ten. What else can anyone ask for? So with all that being said, I'm a huge fan and I love her being involved. I think its awesome and its not just because JR Motorsports signed her. I was talking about it way before it actually came out in the news and when it started going around I got super excited and hoped and prayed that she would end up with JR.

    So, bottom line is this. The people that arent fans are going to say that the ARCA race proves nothing. I disagree. Sure it isnt a nationwide race, but in the end that's not why they are saying it. I think it at least proves one thing and it is this. She can adapt and learn new techniques to run different types of cars. With that, why wouldn't she be able to adapt to the feel of a nationwide car? I think she will, but it will take time like some of the people are saying. I also think that if she runs in the top 5 in nationwide that people will say the same types of things as they are now. It will be, well its still a Daytona race and all that stuff. I actually think that the tracks she ran in IRL will be the biggest challenge in her adapting and getting the feel for a track. She has been to places like California and Richmond and Milwaukee in an IRL car. Being as she knows how an IRL car drives at those cars she will be fighting more things mentally in my opinion then tracks she has never run at. I hope I'm wrong, but I think at California for instance she will be finding herself thinking, an IRL car does this or that and the nationwide car is doing something completely different. Tracks like Daytona, she has never run an IRL race on so she learning a new track in a new car at the same time and I think that strangely enough, its easier for her to focus on how the car is handling.

    Remember that she is only running about a third of the nationwide races so saying that she is going to win a race for sure this year I think would be unrealistic. But if she doesn't is it a failure? I don't think so at all. I think if she has some top 5's and top 10's and runs up front in some races and stays out of trouble then I think it will be a success. I just look at it this way. She won a race in the IRL and she was 5th in points last year. That means she finished better then a lot of good male drivers and did her best. I expect the same in NASCAR. She will do her best, but she may not win a ton of races. Afterall, NASCAR isn't about winning all the time for everyone. Alot of drivers in every level still havent won but they are still around. Maybe she is more suited to drive a stock car then she ever was an IRL car? Sorry for the book. I'm just really AMPED up for this year.

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    I think it's a neutral thing for Nascar, neither good nor bad. kind of a marketing thing, but might get more teenyboppers interested in a sport they know nothing about. if she can be better than some of the dregs of the talent pool, and knock someone off the bottom, cool.

    I think for her it's a move to get herself more attention, so if she can be in the spotlight without being a drama queen like she has been in IRL, fine with me

    and from a fan's p.o.v. it's basically flip a coin at this point. we haven't seen her drive but one race in this type of car, so we can't say how she'll be yet. maybe she'll get a following, but most of them won't be die-hards that have been with the sport for years and years

    as for more wins vs. more of the same, well, she can hardly win less than she has in IRL. time will tell, but I think she has potential

    hey Beast Falcon, it's a bit easier to finish top-10 when there are less than 20 in the field. top-5 finishes would be a better benchmark of someone being impressive in the series

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    Less of the same!

    IRL she backed into a win when Helio's team couldn't calculate milage correctly! Other than that she has been a disappointment! Danica is the Dale Jr. of the IRL, both incredibly over hyped and under performing!

    Top 10 in an ARCA plate race? Did anyone see how ba most of those people were? Some of them were driving into the wrecks that happened 5 sec in front of them!

    I'll be impressed when she finishes top 15 on a non-plate race in the Nationwide series! Anything can and does happen in plate racing! There is a long list of driver who only have 1 win a lot were plate races!

    What is this from the back of the field talk? Half of the field was in the garage (plate racing ARCA why bother?) and another solid junk still on the track were driving cars lets just say no where near as good as the equipment she was driving, and oh ya she had much fresher tires!

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    Well, she started out strong, but ARCA success doesn't necessarily mean that she will be a huge success. Frank Kimmel was a great ARCA driver, but couldn't make anything work in NASCAR back in 2002. She certainly does seem promising right now.

    Paulie, she RACED in ARCA. She is driving 12 Nationwide races, which are NASCAR. She also announced that she will run at Daytona on Saturday.

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    I think she did pretty good for the very 1st time! I'm anxious to see how she does in a Nationwide car.

    Alot of people slam her but her stats are fairly impressive to me.

    In 81 Indy Car starts, she has 41 top tens! That means she's in the top ten every other race. She has 2 podium finish's and 1 win.

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    She needs to prove she can out run John Wes Townley first. Good grief folks, did you watch the same race I did? She had the best equipment on the track. She should have come through the field late in the race.

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    i don't think of girls human beings fare to nicely in NASCAR racing. that is like being shoved up against a wall and being held there. that is not "exciting" like the IRL or F1 the place you get to coach left and top. NASCAR racing is extra of a job, that is plenty harder. Even the boys in F1 and the IRL are slightly extra flagrant than the boys who race in NASCAR (that is in the journey that your any stable) So except Danica does not recommendations the rigidity of being "held up against a wall" against her will. she will't carry. while a guy gets "held up against a wall" he in basic terms is going into an instinctive looking mode from evolutionary standards, and "fights". struggling with being the instinct of a hunter, the foundation of a guy.

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    Uh to those who said she is not in NASCAR only ARCA, what do you call Nationwide Series? Yes this series is NASCAR...

    I think this will be a warm up year, then next year she will show her true colors and get the ball rolling. She will definitly bring the media to the sport more than it already is.

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    she didn't switch, she is still running the FULL IRL series

    she ran one ARCA, and will run about 12-13 Nationwide series race

    She showed that she could race the ARCA series, she brought her car from the BACK of the field (after she got spun) back up to a 6th place spot, in very little time, late in the race.

    She had a GREAT save in that race, and kept her car off the wall.

    Not bad, for her 1st "Stock Car" race

    She could do well, I hope so,

    it will make it more interesting, and I'll bet a lot more people watch the Nationwide series this year.

    A LOT of haters watched the ACRA race, just so they could diss her on here


    she had to come back from 24th place,

    tires or not, she still had to pass a lot of cars, in a short time

    How many ARCA races did you watch last year?

  • Anonymous
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    some irl drivers do ok in nascar. but some go back to the easier irl

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