my boat windlass started giving road in the middle of the night?

It was 2:00am when the windlass started by it self and was letting out road .. We were all down for the night and no one was up .. I got up and ran to the chain locker and flipped off the breaker and it shout off. I then turned it back and it was fine ...then the next day ( after using it 3 or 4 times) we were heading back to the sheds and it went off again this time when I turned the breaker back on it keep running


Those are all good points and I have the lock and just failed to use it ,and I will in the future. The windlass is a galleymaid with switchrs an the deck and I also installed one on the bridge both water tight. the controll box is in the locker also water tight

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    This sounds like an electrical problem. This time of year I'd suspect water, either from rain or snow that melted and got into the switch that controls the winch. This might cause the symptom you discribe. It might occur a few days after the rain or snow. It might also be caused by broken insulation and corrosion of the wiring. Spray everything with WD-40 and inspect the wires and switch. I hope this helps.

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    This is why you are suppose to have a separate lock/hold for the chain/rode. I never depend on the windlass to hold fast, as you've learned. You didn't mention brand, type or size, so I can't help you much. But you should get a rode lock installed between the windlass and the bow roller. If not, at least install a tie-off cleat in between.

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    apparently you did not read the manual, never put the weight of the boat agalnst the windlass. the rode must be fastened to a cleat or lock. never pull the boat to the anchor with the windlass. manuals are for your safety and use. read them.

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