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Jeff Gordon's season?

How many races will Jeff Gordon win this season?

Will he make the Chase?

Will he win the championship?

All opinions welcome!

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    Jeff has still got it and far from retirement.

    I say Jeff wins 3 to 6 races.

    Yes he will make the chase.

    Jeff is always a threat for the cup championship so i say yes he's due.

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    I will say that Gordon should have a pretty good year and he may improve over last years performance. Last year he was experiencing a lot of back trouble and if he got that straightened out in the off season and he avoids a lot of hard hits to prevent it from returning he will do good. I will say that he will have 3 to 5 wins possibly. He should definitely make the Chase and I think he will contend for the championship. Will he win? I'm not sure and it's just a crap shoot at the end, but if they run well in the chase and stay out of trouble, they have a shot. I won't say they are going to win hands down, but they have the talent, equipment and ability to run for his 5th title. Whether or not they do so remains to be seen and it really just depends on whether or not they get on a role at the right time. It's possible and if he knocks off JJ I will be ok with that.

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    win 3 races

    in the chase

    not the top but in the top 5

  • Paul
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    1 decade ago

    Hopefully more than 1



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  • 1 decade ago

    Well if saturdays race was any indication of who he is this year, I don't think so, he'll be to busy making other driver wreck to win.

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