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M:tG My mono-black vamp deck, looking for suggestions?

Alright. My girl wanted to get into MtG and she's really into that Twilight stuff so I made her a vamp deck. I'm keeping it mono-colored to keep it simple for her, but I like to play it with my friends so I was wondering what to get for a side board. It runs pretty well but needs some work and I'm looking for suggestions. Must be type 2, not in tournaments or anything, but my friends get pissy.

Creatures: 27

Guul Draz Vamp x4 (decent for just a B)

Vamp Hexmage x4 (first strike is amazing and it's a planeswalker destroyer)

Gatekeeper of Malakir x4 (staple for vamps)

Drudge Skeleton x4 (used with Aristocrat to get him HUGE and a chump blocker)

Vamp Aristocrat x4 (must stress how GODLY this is with drudge)

Vamp Nighthawk x4 (personally my fav card)

Vamp Nocturnus x2 (don't have the money to get more and can't find the trades)

Malakir Bloodwitch x1 (i could possibly get another but it's a little high cost for my taste)

Instants: 4

Disfigure x4 (debating on swapping two for more Feast in Blood, but it's a higher cost, so...)

Sorcery: 6

Feast in Blood x2 (sided with Doom Blade because it's an instant)

Diabolic Tudor x2 (would use Sign in Blood instead, but need to search out Nocturnus)

Blood Tribute x2 (could run another but it's sooo high cost and it's not gonna benefit you much to use more than once)

Planeswalkers: 1

Sorin Markov x1

Swamps x22 (personally don't like piranha marsh for coming in tapped- it slows the deck down and don't have the money for fetch lands)

So yeah, that's my build. Please help me out with what to add and what to take out =)

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    I'm sorry to have to tell you this but drudge skeletons regeneration ability cannot stop a sacrifice effect.

    Regeneration reads "The next time this creature would be destroyed this turn, it isn't. Instead tap it, remove all damage from it, and remove it from combat."

    When you sacrifice a creature, it is not destroyed, it is simply put directly into the graveyard.

    So the aristocrats and the skeletons definitely come out. Also take out the guul draz vamps, disfigures, feast of bloods, tutors, and blood tributes.

    cards that you should think about put in place of those are, more bloodwitches, bloodghast, urge to feed(in place of disfigure) sign in blood(way better than tutor imo) Grim discovery,mind sludge, and definitely tendrils of corruption. Tendrils is the most game changing removal spell in the format.

    If at all possible you really need to get your hands on more nocturnuses and fetch lands. those really make the deck.

    As for the side board you need deathmark, duress, marsh casualties, and whatever else that fits your play group.

    Source(s): I top 8 with this deck frequently.
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