2010 Hyundai Elantra?

Is the 2010 Hyundai Elantra a good car? I'm thinking about getting it for my first car (I'm 16.) I Guess I should also mention that I'm paying for half, before I hear many of you say "spolied" or whatever. Oh, and one issue. I'm 6 feet tall with really long legs, so interior space is important. Thank you so much in advance!

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    The 2010 Elantra is a very good car that is reliable, affordable, economical, and comfortable. I own a 2009 i30 (Elantra Touring in N. America) in Korea and absolutely love the car. The i30 was designed in Europe specifically for the European market. The i30 has won numerous international awards around the world. Go take a test drive - you won't be disappointed.

    In 2004, Hyundai tied with Honda for initial brand quality in a survey/study from J.D. Power and Associates, for having 102 problems per 100 vehicles. This made Hyundai second in the industry, only behind Toyota, for initial vehicle quality. The company continued this tradition by placing third overall in J.D. Power's 2006 Initial Quality Survey, behind only Porsche and Lexus. Hyundai/Kia Automotive Group is the world’s fourth largest automaker (second in Asia) in terms of units manufactured and sold per year and one of the Big Asian Four (with Toyota, Honda and Nissan).

    In recent interviews with Toyota executives, they have expressed concerns about Hyundai-Kia and their market share. Hyundai-Kia is the only automobile manufacturer that Toyota fears - and that says something. Kia is also moving up sales rapidly, even quicker than Hyundai due to their improving quality and design (hired the head designer from Audi about two years ago). Hyundai-Kia is the fastest growing foreign brand in China and is the largest exporter of cars in India (Hyundai has plants in both countries). Hyundai-Kia was the only major automaker to sell more vehicles in 2009 than 2008.

    The new Hyundai Sonota YF, along with the new Kia K7 is going to redefine the market segment for affordable large/mid-sized sedans. I travel between Korea and the US about every other month (been doing this for the past two years) and I can see the progress in Korean technology in all facets of business and products. I have had the chance to visit the Hyundai automotive plant, Hyundai Shipyard, and the Samsung electronics factory, and I can tell you it is getting better than the Japanese. The Korean's are accomplishing what the Japanese did in a lot shorter period of time.

    South Korea has (in the world) the largest shipbuilding facility, largerst automobile factory, largest oil refinery, the second largest steel mill, are leaders in digital flat panels, memory chips, cell phones, robotics, construction (just built the tallest building in the world -Burj Khalifa), and numerous other industires.

    South Korea is ranked first in the world in the Digital Opportunity Index, and first among major economies in the Global Innovation Index. South Korea is one of the world's leading technology innovators, having the third largest number of patents in force worldwide, after Japan and the United States. It has the world's highest patent filings per GDP and the highest patent filings per R&D expenditure, as well as the second highest patent filings per million population. Among developed countries, it has the fastest patent filing growth at over 14.8% in 2007.

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    It's an adequate good car. But Hyundai's have an earned reputation for not having good resale values. Technically speaking at age 16 here in the states you cannot legally own, register, or insure a car until you are 18. I'm sure you knew that. A Mazda 3 or even a Ford Focus will go much further when you consider which one will last longer. The Elantra is not a grand car, but for some it's acceptable. I would never own one & I have never recommended to anyone buying a Kia, Daewoo, or Hyundai. Ever!

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    Hyundai have really broughten their quality up in recent years. I know someone with a 2001 Elantra, and it is still running, only regular maintenance needed. I truly recommend it.

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    Best car in the segment.

    Best warranty in America

    Most interior room

    Picked as best in class 3 years running by consumer reports

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    At least it's not a Toyota...

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