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I need help with House Training our dog please?

We have a 1 year old West Highland White Terrier. She is super cute and I really want this to work out. We have only had her for not even a week now. She is supposed to be house trained, but has had at least one accident every day. Now I am constantly taking her outside in fear of another poop or pee on my carpet. I am so tired of cleaning up the mess. How can I assure it won't happen again? I am tired of worrying about it. I am not a dog person, sad to say. But my husband thought it would be good for our kids.


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    You need to buy a crate if you don't already have one. Also - just like children, dogs revert when they are stressed and scared. Most likely she is house trained. She is just upset at being adopted into a new home. Treat her like a puppy until she adjusts. Meals get served at a regular time (say 7:00 am and 5:30 pm) and take her out to potty every 2 hours (max.) Talk to her previous home also. They might have some suggestions. Also contact your local pet chain (petco or petsmart) some of them have trainers available for a session by session price. Try to make it for a least a month. That first month is the hardest.

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    God'screationinthisworld, I like the look of a west highland white terrier. They are so cute.

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    Maybe the cute part will outway the poop part. Just start training her like u would any new puppy...get a few good books and learn from that.

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    It is a new surrounding for your dog. I take my dog out every four hours and she sleeps in a crate at night (doesn't go out.). I take her out first thing in the morning and then I feed her, then I take her out at 12.30, then after 4 I take her out again and feed her. 8pm and right before I go to bed. Keep her out until she goes. My pup is 7 months old so it might be a Little different for yours.

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    i would get puppy pads put a pheramone spray on it so it makes her want to pee on the pad. they also make things called pee post that you put in your yard and it also release pheramones to make your animal want to pee on or near where the post is.

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