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Any bodybuilding tips?

Hello, I have had a gym membership for almost 1 year now, and dont have really anything to show for it, I have been losing a little weight recently, a couple of pounds every week, I should be losing a little more for my age but my nutrition is quite bad, it involves fizzy drinks, chrisps, chocolate, the complete opposite of what I should be eating and drinking.

Now I am really considering changing my diet and my lifestyle for the better, I dont wanna die young and I dont wanna be puffed out by the time I reach the top of the stares.

I am 17, 6ft 2 and I weight 20 stone, mostly fat. I understand that before I even lift a dumbell I need to change my diet dramatically. I have had some weight training in the past, but only with a cheap set of dumbells at home so I do have a base to work with.

Are there any tips anyone can give me? Would be really handy, thank you for your time.

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    You need to eat healthy food! Eating healthy is the most important thing you can do to gain muscle or weight the quickest. Eating healthy will also help you burn fat and gain lean muscle. Your diet should consist of 35 percent protein, 40 percent carbohydrates, and 25 percent fats. Carbs and mono-unsaturated fats and poly-unsaturated fats will help put the weight on you for your chest and arms. You should also be eating 1 gram of protein per body weight (a little more is okay). Ex: 150 pound kid would eat 150-160 grams of protein per day. Your calorie intake should be at least 3,000 calories, but for a more accurate number, multiply your weight times 19 or 20. Ex: 150 x 20 = 3,000 calories.

    You should workout your upper body every other day, or even with a 2 day rest. Working out everyday will never help you gain muscle because your muscles will never repair themselves because when you workout, your muscles tear and then rebuild themselves through nutrition, rest, and sleep. Sleep is very important and taking a protein shake, ex: muscle milk, before bed will help you feel more anabolic when you wake up. Drink protein supplements such as Optimum's Hydro Whey or Cytosport's Muscle Milk. You should drink them when you wake up, 15-30 minutes after your work-out, and right before you go to bed.

    You cannot get big by only doing pushups, pull-ups, and sit-ups. You need to mainly use free weights such as dumbbell excersizes ( look at ) for excersizes and proper posture. Gaining mass is lifting heavy and super-setting your workout which means not resting that much between workouts. You should rep each excersize 10,8,6 and do that 3 times (3 sets) while adding more weight every set.

    Train hard and eat healthy, and you will reach your goal probably within 3-5 months depending on how deticated you are!

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    I would concentrate on two things for now. Your diet doesn't sound all that bad. Make small changes, start substituting fruits for sweets, use artificial sweeteners, try artificially sweetened snacks - I find Splenda to be quite good, Nutrasweet is ok as long as it is in cold items). Eat more fish and fowl - less fat, more protein. Switch over to diet "fizzy" drinks. You can still have chocolate - just make it darker - less will fix your chocolate Jones easier. Whey protein is great for you and tastes good - have a shake a day.

    Do aerobic exercises (elliptical trainers, swimming, bicycling, basketball, tennis, etc.). Drink all the water you can stand also, it'll do wonders.

    When you start making some progress with conditioning, then you can worry about lifting. At that time start with major muscle groups (thighs, buttocks, lower back, upper back, and chest) and take it easy - maybe split these up into three days exercise rotation to get through all of them (this gives you the two days rest needed for recovery without skipping any days), but rest extra (skip a day or two) anytime you feel like it. Don't push too hard or you'll kick yourself out of it. Keep your goals in mind and remember that rest is as important as the exercise itself. Try not to skip more than two days between, but don't beat yourself up if you do, just get back at it.

    Continue the diet, aerobics, and water drinking.

    BTW: free weights (like your dumbells) are better than machines, in general. It is nice to have the machine sitting there (like in your gym) and does not hurt to use them also. On days when you are working a muscle group you can add, or substitute (occasionally only), machine exercises, for those same muscle groups only.

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    You've pretty much hit the nail on the head. The first and most important thing to adjust during weight training is your diet. Add more whole grains, good fats and proteins to your diet instead alot of sugar, carbs and empty calories. Buy yourself some protein powder and substitute that for an early morning breakfast. Work out different sections of the body every time you work out so your muscles will be constantly regenerating which in turn will boost your metabolism in turn reducing body fat.

    Start with changing your diet and you will have success! Good luck my friend.

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    Simple. Before changing your diet make sure you consult with your physician first.

    Now, eat 5-6 meals SMALL portions. The reason why is to keep your metabolize up throughout the day.

    Eat healthy foods like fruits, veggies, sea food, cereal, 100% whole grain bread, natural peanut butter, egg whites (carton), cottage cheese, brown rice, brown pasta, oatmeal, etc.

    Drink 8 glasses of water which is the recommended amount.

    Do not eat too much Tuna or Tofu or Fish or Salmon. They contain mercury and if eaten too much can lead ot heart problems. Eat one of these four like once a week would be reasonable.

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    To get bigger you are going to need to eat more, at least 500 - 1000 calories more then your needed daily intake. Now, you should be getting these calories from solid whole food especially meat and don't be eating any processed rubbish as you want to eat the foods which still have all the nutrients in them. You are also going to need to work hard in the gym and I recommend going three times each week and doing compound exercises to develop an all round physique. Oh and be patient :)

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    Food plays such an essential part in our lives, and however it’s one of our worst enemies as properly. It requires almost absolutely nothing for a healthful diet to turn into one that packs on the pounds or causes health troubles! Modify this with Metabolic Cooking and make the meals a friend and not an enemy.

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    16. Warm-up has three levels. Always start your workout session with a five- to ten-minute general body warm-up. Light exercise such as the treadmill conditions your heart and body for what is ahead. Body-specific warm-up conditions the flexibility of the muscles by getting exercised at light intensity before going on full blast. Exercise-specific warm-up introduces the exact exercise technique to your muscle and lowers resistance.

    17. Stretch after warming up. The benefits of stretching must not be taken for granted. It increases flexibility and enhances agility. This enables ease of transition from one position to another. Stretching encourages muscle growth by extending the body’s capacity to hold one exercise position after another. Allot 15 seconds of stretching before performing sets.

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    Why don't you follow some proven-to-work exercises / fitness routines? There are so many DVDs lying around. Just watch them 2-3 times and I think they will benefit you greatly!


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