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What happens in the end of 'The Knife of Never Letting Go'? Easy 10 pts.?

Basically, what goes on at the end of "The Knife of Never Letting Go' in detail please. Easy 10 pts.


Could someone please explain the end slightly further?

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    Ben proceeds to tell Todd the truth about Prentisstown and New World - how the Noise germ was already on the planet when they arrived and how the men killed all the women because they could not stand not knowing what women thought.

    They head toward Haven, where Prentiss Jr. finds them again, and Ben goes off to fight him. Todd and Viola then hear Aaron pursuing with a rifle in the boat. They go off into a cavern near the waterfall to shake him off, but he finds them, and Todd then realises that the boys of Prentisstown become men by killing another man, that Aaron wants Todd to kill him, so he could have made every boy in Prentisstown a man, therefore making him a Saint, willing to kill/capture Viola to make Todd hate him enough to kill him. Todd then loses his nerve, failing to kill Aaron, and a fight ensues when Aaron attacks Todd. During the fight, Aaron is hit over the head with a rock by Viola and is punched by Todd till he was a bloody pulp, but does not die. Then, Viola shoves the knife through his neck, and he finally dies.

    They move towards Haven, when Viola is shot by Prentiss Jr., who had returned yet again. When Prentiss Jr. fails to shoot Todd, Todd spooks the horse he is riding, punches him off the saddle, and the horse gallops away, Jr. hanging on by a stirrup.

    Todd takes Viola to Haven, to find it deserted. Mayor Prentiss then comes, announcing that he is now President of new world after Haven surrendered amid rumours of an army. With Viola coming ever closer to death, Todd realises he had been led into a trap, and that he can no longer hear the Mayor's noise.

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    Knife Of Never Letting Go

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    The mayor catches up to Todd and Viola. Viola is gravely injured and Todd begs the mayor to save her. The mayor says that he is now 'president.' Then Todd realises that he cannot hear any of the army's 'noise'. He can't hear their thoughts any more. The last sentence is spoken by the mayor (now president):

    "Welcome to new Prentisstown."

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