What does "abnormal liver function" mean?

Okay, I had tonsillitis very badly a couple of weeks ago so the doctor gave me a blood test to find out if it was caused by glandular fever. I phoned up earlier today to get the results and all they told me was that i had an "abnormal liver function" and that i should make a phone appointment with a doctor as soon as possible.

I just need to know what they meant by this and whether to be worried or not, i have a tendency to worry too much!

Thanks in advance


The default category for this was "cancer"! :O

How likely is this!?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    the liver plays a huge role when you have an infection of a glandular nature, so one would expect the liver function tests to be somewhat abnormal. They likely said that to make sure you followed up. Not to worry, they don't find cancer with liver function studies.

    Source(s): RN
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  • 1 decade ago

    if you have glandular fever the readings would be abnormal so dont worry,its not likely to be cancer

    Source(s): nurse
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