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Easy egg hatching on Pokemon Leaf Green and where to find a Ditto?

I recently inherited a Pokemon Leaf Green Version, and he gave me a box and a half full of Pokemon eggs. I would like to know a way to hatch them VERY quickly. I currently have a party of a level 26 Slugma and 5 eggs of unknown Pokemon.

Also, I would like to make more eggs, but I don't have a Ditto. Where can I find one? Thanks in advance.

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    Ditto is found in route 13 and 14, the mansion in Cinnabar Island, and in Cerulean cave. b the way, you don't always have to rely on just ditto on breeding. Try this for example:

    Male Kingdra + Female Dratini = Dratini.

    Now you might say, " It's he same thing, what's the difference?" Well, the difference is, if that Kingdra knows Dragon Dance, the egg you will get will have Dragon Dance - a move that Dratini doesn't learn by leveling up.

    By the way, Slugma's hatching strategy doesn't work on Fire Red or Leaf Green. It only works on Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and the 4th Gen games. Sorry.

    Source(s): I've played Fire Red, hatched over 100 eggs just for egg moves and right nature, and has currently 470 + hours of playing. I sometimes stop, and didn't play the summer of 2009.
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    you can find a ditto at route 13 and 14 and It depends on the pokemon egg. Example, if its a rare pokemon it will take more time then a pokemon that isn't rare. But you might not know if it is rare...

    It dosen't really count on time. Its the number of steps you walk which will let the egg hatch. But use a bicycle to get to the number of steps faster

    Source(s): experience
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    Yeah slugma would work as long as it has flame body and magma armor. Dittos are rare they are found usually on that route east of the city with the safari zone. Also they can be found (more commonly) in the Cerulean Cave (the cave with Mewtwo).

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    You need to walk around with the egg in your party, but the amount of steps needed may vary per Pokémon

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