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Diplomatic post

What is Diplomatic post mean? All i know is something for the Visas!

please can you help me? if this is a form or something, where i can get it from hk?

many thx

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    Diplomatic post

    What does Diplomatic post mean?

    A diplomatic post of is a representative office of a country in another country. Its function includes issuing visas. You are right to say about visas.

    Diplomatic post can be an embassy, a high commission, a consulate or an honorary consulate.

    If this is a form or something, where I can get it from HK?

    For example, for travelling to the States, you go to the US Embassy.

    Diplomatic posts are also called consular posts, for a list of these posts in Hong Kong, refer to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_diplomatic_mi...

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    kanno88-uk君 :

    ' Diplomatic post' 的意思是解作' 外交人員的職位 ',如填寫申請 某國入境簽證 ( visa)時有這項要你申佈外交官員的職級時而你又不是外交官員,便在答案欄內填上N/P(即不適用於我或與我無關 not applicable的簡寫)就得了,又甚或填上 Nil 即(沒有)的意思便可以了。並不是要你另外再加一份

    Diplomatic post 的表格。

    Source(s): 普通常識
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