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Who thinks New Orleans Saints are legends?

I think they are Oh when the Saints go marchin" in?


legends are a team that pulled a city together to celebrate their great win. 31 to 17. After KAtrina New Orleans deserves something to celebrate. Also i am in Australia so is it not awesome that someone that far away and who follows Aussue rules is taking an interest in American footy? Go legends.

Update 2:

Then Aussies cannot help going for he underdog. National passtime.

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    -they went to the superbowl with 3 game losing streak. never happened b4

    -never been to super bowl. and won

    -won the coin flip, and legend has it that whoever gets the ball first loses the super bowl. not here.

    Source(s): yeah they just made history this season by so many things! hah thumbs down me all u want, it wont change the outcome of the game!
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    I think it's incredible to go from not even having a 12-0 record in their history to winning the Superbowl all in one season. I really love a good underdog story. Legendary? In their own way, yes. I'm not sure, but this may be the first time (in a very long time, at least...had to be that way in the beginning though) that a team has won the Superbowl their first time in.

    WHO DAT!!?!

  • I LOVE Them. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. I used to bartend on Bourbon Street, and Man, I wish I was tonight. I'd make $5000 cash at Least. There is a Serious party going on there now.

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    They are not yet but they are working towards being legends. Can't become a legend in one year.

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    The Saints will reach Legendary status only if they repeat.

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    It takes a LOT more than one year to become a legend.

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    legendary status after one superbowl??? I'd like to know your definition of legend.

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    It was a good game but not Legendary status.

  • YESSSS.!!!! but... that's probably because i'm from Louisiana && live here, sooo.

    WHO DAT.!!

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