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gonna go see Jay Lenos show tomorrow. any tips? what time should we get in line? where should we park...?

so yeah pretty much that.

any tips on that?

i live in north san diego county. so were thinking about leaving at 10am when the traffic clears up.

but those of you that have gone, any tips on anything?


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    Jane's right. If you don't have guaranteed tickets, either bring a book, cards, or a personality that makes friends easily.

    It is hilarious how they coach you on how to clap (about twice as fast as you would normally), and to smile. Oh, and don't look at yourself on the monitors, look at Jay, the stage, anything but the monitors. You should set your DVR to record the show before you leave for LA.

    Parking for Leno? I thought they wanted you to park in the Universal Studios parking lot on the top of the hill. Don't your tickets say where to park? I'll try and look that up...

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    they're gonna ask you to laugh and clap and yell A LOT lol like i have never smiled so much in my life.

    the line is long so if you don't have those guaranteed tickets from universal studios, then i'd say get in line as soon as you can. it's actually very fun and i was really surprised when i saw the actual set.

    he even took pics with people before the show started.

    my only tip is to get ready for the laughing and clapping like crazy lol

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    You will be waiting in line a lot, so tips would be to bring some playing cards or magazines. Something that will help pass time.

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