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Given the critical role of mass protest movements and political violence in effecting change during the contem?

Given the critical role of mass protest movements and political violence in effecting change during the contemporary period, compare and contrast the goals, methods, and effectiveness of violent and non-violent movements for social, economic, and political change.


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    The American labor movement started to form groups of men to demand only 8 hours a day work, and time and a half for overtime pay for 40 yours a weeks work. Some of this started in the coal mines for safe working conditions too. As the voice of free labor grew they wanted to negotiate vacation time to be with their families..

    National Holidays grew and they wanted to celebrate and be paid for the holiday too. Free Health Insurance for each employee and their families, especially for pregnancy and hospital care for their children too. Most of if not all union employees have free health care now. As they grew older they thought of retirement and pensions and 401k's were negotiated too.

    Some of the protest were violent, but mostly just a strike from work, picket lines or the company lock-out were used. All of America benefited from these concessions from business.

    The blacks suffered many years in the south and some areas up north because of bigotry and racism. Through years of ''love me, I love you'' peaceful demonstrations, they overcame the negative nature of the worst side of our humanity.

    Currently the American people are on the march for life, and peacefully protesting abortions. No trying to blame anyone only asking you to look at the unborn child and give them a chance for life.

    Abortion kills, adoptions renews life for the child and the adopting parents too.

    Plus it saves the guilt that always comes from the abortion, affecting everyone.

    Give the unborn American a chance to mess up just as you have.

    Remember, nothing is impossible, people do it every day !!

    Source(s): You may want to consider divoirse as a result of the 50 million abortions i America. Perhaps the right one for your child was aborted, or the right one for the friend was aborted and they married the wrong person. Interesting thought?
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    First of al, political protest and terrorism are two different things. Protest is legitimate--and the more the existing power groups don't like it, usually the more it's needed. Terrorism is mor ecomplex. But here's a current example of how terrorists gain influence. Last year Israel responded (as they had everyright to do) to a Hezbollah kidnapping of two Israelis. However, instead of targeting the terrorists, they chose a "scorched earth" policy that failed to get their people back, failed to dislodge or disarm the terrorists--but did kill over a thousand Lebanese, wreck much of their infrastructure, and force a half million people from their homes. Now--the Lebanese have little--they lack even basic necessities. Hezbollah has played on this, providing health care, food, etc. No one is under any illusion theyhave any motive other than to gain power and exploit these people. But what is the average Lebanese to think? On th eone hand, Israel--with the full approval of the Bush administration--is bombing them--while on the other hand Hezbollah is in their neighbor hoods with food and medical care for their children. So now th emajority of the Lebanese people trust and support Hezbollah a lot more than they do the West. And the fact that Hezbollah killed Israelis too isn't going to count for much--not with people who are burying their children killed by Israeli bombs. I'm not picking on Israel--there are other exammples, with variations--far too many. But the bottom line is that terrorists can find safe havens to build and plot their crimes only because we in the West have foolishly and shortsightedly opened the door.

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