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Who will win in next weeks tourneys?

So if this question gets a lot of response, I may do it weekly :)

So answer, folks!

The tourney's this week (followed by the top contenders)

San Jose: Roddick, Verdasco, Stepanek, Haas, Berdych, Querrey, Kohlschrieber, Chardy

Rotterdam: Djokovic, Davydenko, Soderling, Monfils, Robredo

Brazil: Ferrero, Montanes, Bellucci, Andreev, Hanescu, Cuevas, Zeballos, Gasquet

Paris: Dementieva, Pennetta, Wickmayer, Schiavone, Rezai, Razzano, Vesnina, Peer, *Oudin*

Pattaya: Zvonareva, Lisicki, Dushevina, Shvedova, Bammer, Mirza, Date Krumm, Gorges, *Tanasugarn*

I predict, Roddick, Davydenko, Bellucci, Rezai, and Zvonareva to win. How about you?

Stars, please :)


anna: i am thrilled russia and the us are through to the semis. I just hope vera and elena play next time

and pattaya is in thailand, it does sound an awful lot like papaya though :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Okay here goes:

    San Jose

    I feel like this is Verdasco's for some reason, he played really well at the beginning of last year and despite making a million unforced errors against Davydenko at the Aussie Open he still pushed hte in form man to 5 sets. Maybe he'll beat Roddick in the semifinals or the finals, so if Verdasco doesn't then Roddick will.


    Now that Tsonga is out of the draw I can't see anyone OTHER than Djokovic winning this, before Federer the last person to beat Davydenko was Djokovic, and that loss in Shanghai was just Djokovic choking and I feel confident that it won't happen again, not to mention that Davydenko also has to make it through Soderling whom he has had trouble with in the past.


    Bellucci is going to be on a high after winning this title today, and wasn't Ferrero injured or something? Well anyways Ferrero went out of the Aussie Open way earlier than I expected, and Montanes just plain sucks at tennis, Andreev is low on confidence seeing as it has been forever since he has strung together good results (apart from winning the first set against Federer of course). Hanescu could also stand a chance at the title, but he always seems to make it to the finals but rarely ever capitalizes on his chance. Gasquet is always a contender but we all know he will disappoint in the end, so I'm sticking with Bellucci (lol but adding Gasquet to my fantasy tennis thing still)


    I think it is going to come down between Wickmayer and Dementieva seeing as they are both superior players to Pennetta. Schiavone is a slight threat but both of them can handle it. I haven't seen the draw so I don't know if they're on the same side (Elena and Yanina) but if they are in opposite halves then I think they'll make the finals and I'm just going to stick with experience and say Elena will win.


    My god apart from Lisicki Zvonareva has almost NO competition here. I know that Bammer and Date Krumm could POSSIBLY threaten her here, but if Vera walks home with anything less then a title then she has disappointed me.

    Haha this definitely does NOT help me for the fantasy tennis thing because no one else would manually look up the draws when they didn't give them so I was able to make up some points from a horrible Australian Open.

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  • 1 decade ago

    San Jose: Andy Roddick because he always does well in that tournament. Verdasco could throw in a few punches but AR will come through.

    Rotterdam: Toss up between Djoko and Davydenko. I give a slight edge to Davydenko because he has woken up from some kind of a sleep.

    Brazil: Juan Carlos Ferrero because he has been picking up some form of late.

    Paris: Dementieva: Would like to win this after an early exit from Aussie Open.

    Pattaya: Toss up between Zvonareva and Lisicki. I give a slight edge to Zvonareva.

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  • johnny
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    San Jose: Roddick

    Rotterdam: Djokovic

    Brazil: Bellucci

    Paris: Dementieva

    Pattaya: Zvonareva

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  • 1 decade ago

    San Jose: Roddick

    I don't know why but Stepanek seems to always do well in these North American tournaments. He may as well be the second favorite. I hope Haas and Verdasco do well, though.

    Rotterdam: Djokovic

    I'm still reeling from his loss to Tsonga. Great time to not be able to hold anything inside your tummy...but Novak also was too passive. He should have won the first set, and that could have changed the story.

    Brazil: Gasquet

    Gasquet did so well to make the final of Sydney and he disappointed with yet another first-round choke.

    Paris: Dementieva

    I'm beginning to realize why that first slam is so elusive to Dementieva. She is just too defensive. I never realized how much of a pure counter-puncher she is. Let's hope she doesn't keep that best-not-to-win-a-slam title for long...

    Pattaya: Zvonareva

    Was bageled in the third set of a big Grand Slam match again...not a good sign for Vera.

    Haha I just filled in my favorites FTW. At least one of them will win, that's almost for sure.

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  • anna
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    hi james!!!

    tennis section has become a little slow as expected after australia, i hate the lack of tennis haha so i'm excited that there're finally some tourneys with big names :)

    here are my predictions:

    san jose: andy of course :)))))))))))))))))

    rotterdam: djoko, i'm getting tired of davydenko hope he loses.-

    brazil: belucci, he just won in chile and he's local so... , i wouldn't mind cuevas tho ;)

    paris: elena

    pattaya (where the hell is that? sounds like a tropical fruit lol): vera

    ps: are you happy with russia making it to the semis in fed cup?

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  • 1 decade ago





    I think that Dementieva has a strong field so hopefully it can prepare her mentally

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  • 1 decade ago






    This helps w/ my fantasy cus they never post the draws! XD thank you

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