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Use the following 2-point recombination data to map the 5 genes given (a,b,c,d and e). Show the order of the genes and the distances between all the intervals.

Gene Loci (%Recombination)

a,b (50)

a,c (15)

a,d (36)

a,e (8)

b,c (50)

b,d (20)

b,e (50)

c,d (50)

c,e (9)

d,e (40)

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me solve this problem. I have a exam coming up and I need to know how to solve problems like these. THANK YOU!!

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    You need to do something like: AE-are the closest together..C and E are really close you know A, E, and C are going to be close. A and B are going to be far away. You know that it wont be AEC because the distance between A and E is 8 and the distance between E and C is 9 and 8 plus 9 is 16 and the distance between A and C is 15. Does that make sense? Its a common sense thing pretty much. Sit down and write which ones are clumped together and then figure out there order like that.

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