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Lost - Time Travel in Season 5?

I just started watching Season 5 lately and I see that there are 2 different timelines for 3 groups of people on the same island !? There is:

- The Locke Group, which includes Ben, Sun and Richard and a bunch of people from Ajira Airlines in 2007

- The small group which has Lapidus as a hostage in 2007.

- Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid in 1977.

- When the plane crashes, All of them (Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Lapidus, Ben, Sun) landed on the same island so why are they in different timelines now?

- Also, I don't understand the entire time-travel thing. How can Richard be present on the island twice? Once in the present and once in the past with Eloise? If Daniel dies in 1977, then how is he ever born? Are we supposed to believe that he was first born in 1977..lived his life till 2007 and then came back to 1977, where he died? Lastly, how did Locke know when his own counterpart in time would arrive in the forest, to ask Richard to go over and band aid him?

Everything is so intense, yet confusing.

Thanks guys. I appreciate it.


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    1 decade ago
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    The people on the plane have no control over the time flashes. We don't know why Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid were flashed to 1977 (to Sawyer's group) while Sun and Frank (although I now thinkhe was needed so the plane would land safely on the isaland so the passengers that stayed on it wqeren't killed) stayed in the present. Ben couldn't because he's already in 1977 as a kid. Miles was in the past before he was born, he's exception.

    The people in 1977 are in the island's past. Richard has been on the island for a very long time, since at least 1954 from early Season 5. The Richard from Season 3 and 4 and the one with Sun and Locke, has already lived through the stuff with Eloise and Jack. It is the survivors present but the island's past. That picture of them with DHARMA has always been in that house, if the Jack from Season 1 had went into that house, the picture would still have been there. The stuff in the past has always happened.

    The blonde Eloise that killed the man that had a gun pointed at Richard was already pregnat with Daniel. Here's his life:

    Daniel is born in the 70's.

    He raised by blonde Eloise.

    He is encouraged to study physics and to go to the island by his Mom when she is an old woman in 2004.

    He goes to the island and time travels back to 1974 with Sawyer's group and lives in the past for 3 years until 1977 which feels like 2007 to him.

    He points a gun at Richard and is killed by his Mom who is pregnat.

    His Mom gives birth to him in the 70's.

    Eloise has always known she did/would kill her son, she couldn't change it, she had already done it before he was born.

    I can't answer about Locke without giving stuff away, watch the Season finale.

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