Are prisoners who engage in homosexual behavior in prison considered gay?

..excuse me for the random yet sincere bout of curiosity, but I had to ask. Do gays not consider people who engage in homosexual behavior in prison to be a part of the gay community, and, if not, would you say that is because the prisoner's sexual behavior may have changed due to their gender restricted circumstance and not because of their actual sexual preference?

I'm straight and also not familiar with the sentiment on this, but is there enough dissimilarity in their physiological and psychological makeup to not call them gay? Is it fair to say that the gay community deserves a nominal distinction from the homosexuals in prison who have no other sexual opportunities, and is there another word or phrase for homosexuals in prison that distinguishes that category of homosexual from the rest?

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    That is entirely a matter of whom you ask, there is no single answer that would apply to a majority, or even a significant minority of individuals who consider themselves gay, nor is there any general consensus on what the "Gay Community" might actually be. The word "community", as defined in standard English lexicography, refers to a unified set of individual, simply having shared characteristics is not enough or there would be only one community world wide since we are all human beings, the operative word is "unified", they must think of themselves as a community. That fact that we have more than one in the world is a result of people choosing to segregate themselves or others based on whatever characteristic seems important to them, be it ethnicity, religion, sexuality, or whatever. This means that being in the gay community is a matter of self-identification combined with general acceptance by others, if a person does not consider himself gay and chooses not to be part it then it doesn't matter what his sexual preferences may be, he isn't part of the community, just a person who chooses to live in Omaha is not a member of the community in Chicago. Similarly if his behavior doesn't conform with the groups overall criteria then his self identification wouldn't matter either. Consider a blue-eyed blonde with a Swedish accent claiming to be African-American, he could act however he wished but the most African-Americans wouldn't accept him as truly one of their own. You are choosing to define a community by physical and psychological criteria of your personal choice and expecting everyone else to share that view, but this is not what is going on in the world as a whole.

    You are also making the mistake of assuming that because people share a sexual preference that they would, of necessity, share attitudes, viewpoints, or otherwise be a single homogeneous mass rather than a collection of individuals with a single point of commonality. Would you also assume that all heterosexuals consider themselves a single community and expect any specific individuals or group thereof to subscribe to the same religious, political, social, or nationalistic agenda based entirely on the single commonality of their shared sexual preferences?

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    I am not a part of the homosexual community so i may not give the best answer but i'll try.

    I suppose it would depend on the situation. Did the prisoner engage in homosexual behavior simply because there was no other option, but are completely heterosexual? If so, then i would not really consider them to be homosexual.

    If they engaged in the behavior because they do have a genuine attraction to men (or both genders) then i would consider them to be homo- or Bi-sexual.


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    No, they weren't born homosexual or are physically and emotionally attracted to their gender,

    Sexual acts between two same gendered persons in a prison isn't gay. Yet many heterosexual persons think it is because society tells them and fears them that it is. Many heterosexual persons do, have or practice many different erotic forms of sexual activity.

    Using many sexual different toy's or fetish clothing to sexually stimulate each other. Including anal, bondage, teasing,domination, three or more sexual partners etc etc just like any lgbt person.

    Rather than just the one to two minute bonk christian missionary style of sex. Honestly there are many lgbt persons who also are two minute wonders. Not all of us gay men are into anal nor do all gay women scissor like in porno films. Which is a heterosexual minded conception and hair whitening fear they have of homosexuals, Yet these sexual acts are practiced by many heterosexual persons.

    It's not just humans, if you lock same gendered animals in a cage together for a period of time they too become socially attached. Until opposite gendered animals are place into the same cage. If the animals were gay they wouldn't be interested, or would attack the introduced opposite gendered animals.

    Think about it being a male, if you were locked in a room for five to ten years with another male how long could you or the other guy hold out with out masturbating during this time. It's the same for two women locked in a room. Yet certain persons in society see this natural human trait and act of self sexual release and pressure we all do, that 95% admit and 5% lie about doing it, as being gay.

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    Nah, not really, Prison Gay is a bit like Pirate Gay, (Totally hetero, just Gay for Johnny Depp) I have seen two previously straight guys all in love in Prison, then not want to go home when their sentence was up. And I know there is a lot more goes on than is immediately apparent. There isn't any of that Gay Rape sh!t over here that you get in American Prisons. Or Homophobia. I was never in for long enough to start fancying blokes..Sh!t shave and a shower, that's me. Then off home after a week or three, fines paid.

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    No, it's not. In prison, it's a power thing, or a really really horny thing. And to Snotalie: having gay sex doesn't make you gay. You have to actually be into people of the same gender. and sometimes when a person is desperate, sex is sex is sex. Sure, they'd rather be doing it with a woman, but a woman isn't there, so they'll make use of the hole that is available.

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    My husband spent 9yrs in prison when he was younger. He said that not everyone in prison is not having sex it's something that "weak" men do they give it up to someone they feel can protect them from some of the dangerous people or gangs in prison. He said that not only do they give up sex they give up food and any money they receive. In prison it's not about the sex as much as is degrading the weak.

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    Having sex with someone of the same gender does not mean a person is gay.

    It happens between heterosexual people for many reasons, from incarceration and lack of curiosity.

    What differentiates a homosexual person is that they only "fall in love" with people of the same gender.

    A homosexual person may marry someone of the opposite gender, and may care deeply for them....but they don't fully fall in love with the opposite sex.

    Likewise a heterosexual person, may have sex with someone of the same gender, maybe even repeatedly throughout their lives....but it doesn't mean they are homosexuals.

    I know a homosexual who has never in his forty-two years had sex with another man, although he has been married three times, and had sex with women outside of his marriage.

    However he has only ever fallen in love with some men in his life.....and he has just come to understand that he is gay.

    Source(s): Many years of trying to understand why I was gay.
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    I think prison sex, or situational, or confinement sex is more like an extended form of self gratification.

    It would be fairly easy to just switch on the fantasy you want to be in during act. But there is that Alpha Dog power thing-that's not about sex though really.

    Sex is mostly in the mind-that's why self gratification works. so you are not necessarily attracted to same gender just because you avail yourself of what is available.

    Source(s): Psychology and Nursing training
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    You may be referring to "Situational Sex". "Prison sexuality deals with sexual relationships between confined individuals or those between a prisoner and a prison employee (or other persons to whom prisoners have access). Since prisons are separated by gender, most sexual activity is conducted with a same-sex partner, often in contradiction to a person's normal social sexual orientation."

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    heterosexuality = attracted to the opposite sex

    homosexuality = attracted to the same sex

    prison rapists do not necessarily rape their victims because they're attracted to them, but just because they are horny as hell.

    Just like the many closeted men and women who marry the opposite sex and have sex with their spouses. That doesn't make them straight, they're still attracted to the same sex, theyre just in denial.

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