Baits for a Southern Divisional tournament on West Point Lake?

I have a Southern Divisional tournament coming up on West Point Lake as many of you probably already know because I've said it a lot. But, If possible, I need a complete, full, detailed list of baits that I''ll be needing for this tournament. And remember, detailed, full list of baits that I'll most likely be needing. I know many of you are probably thinking that water color, weather, and many other aspects may come into play as for choosing the baits that I'll need, but here is the deal. I will have a $500-$600 price point and I want you to give me baits that I could have for all situations. Spinnerbaits? Jerkbaits? Anything. I need some help, so can you guys help me out here? Oh yeah, a large cash prize and entry to a National tournament is at stake so be specific and accurate please! Thank you!

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    ...I fish West Point quite a bit, and just fished the FOM T there two weeks ago finished 15th...right now it is tough...cold, muddy water (49)...depends on when you are fishing...I have caught a lot of fish in April, well every month up until want to have a chart and white spinner pumpkin purple and gold Zoom Swamp Crawler for your shakey head...Marti Gra is a good color too as well as June bug (any variation of Green Pumpkin or Watermelon is good)...any crank bait in shad color works well...Sexy Shad is a good one...the lake has both Spots and Large mouths...I have a spot in Maple Creek that last April a buddy and I caught 16lbs of Spots each in a 50 to 70 yard area on Chart and White spinner baits (we had them fired up and we pretty much caught them on anything we threw)...and we left them biting...too bad it was fun fishing...a good place to get baits is Randal's Marine in Phenix City, AL...any type and color of Zoom you will need...this is my basic set up for a West Point tournament...1 spinning reel for shakey head (1/8 or 3/16) I use the Green Pumpkin Purple and Gold on this a with a spinner bait, one with a Black and Blue jig, one with a Carolina Rig, and a crank bait...where are you coming from? when are you fishing? If you want leave me your email and you can get in touch with me since I will be fishing it some because our kids have the Georgia State Championship on the lake in March...if we get some warmer weather and less rain, it is about to be a free for thing is West Point is hard to might have some fish in one area, then go back the next weekend and they are my spot in Maple Creek...we had them the weekend before..go back during the T and they were gone...then like in November a buddy of mine and I fished four weekends in a row getting ready for two Ts...caught only 5 fish durning prefish and only one keeper out of my spot in Maple...went back during the T and me and my partner for the day each caught a nice limit in that spot...I have several good spots on the lake...we usually run and gun till we find them...I fish mostly the main lake up to the 109 bridge...let me know...

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    without having recently fished there, and not knowing current conditions, it would be just a bit difficult to give a "full detailed list".

    however, based on this time of year l feel spinnerbaits should be in your inventory with an assortment of skirt/blade colors to match up to water conditions.

    an assortment of jigs with craw trailers should also be available and of course, your favorite crankbaits. l'm not much of a crankbait user myself, preferring soft plastics, but in a tournament, you'll want to fish faster than working worms all day. unless you just use them to fish small individual spots like a particular stump or brushpile.

    sorry. as specific as l can realistically be given limited details.


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