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Whats the difference between AMD and INTEL motherboards?

Im building a pc and was wondering if some one could tell me if there's any real difference between amd and intel and what would be the best motherboard for gaming right now.I was leaning torward Asus but im not sure yet.

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    Different architecture of the processors perhaps but I do not think one truly is superior than another unless it is based on cost, e.g. budget or cut down versions of processor.

    Try here for UK motherboard reviews of best and worse:

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    There is a different architecture. Is like comparing two brand cars: Toyota and Suzuki. They do almost the same thing but their internal technology is very different. Intel is in this market for a long time but is also a a little more expensive. AMD is cheaper and oriented more on low end segment - this meaning that they produce mainboard oriented on end user rather than big companies or server architecture. Intel is very good with mainframes and big stuff.

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