boston weather-snow in march?

this may seen like a stupid question, but is there snow in boston during march, especially early march. I used to live up north (tristate area) but sometimes it got warm during march (depending on the yr).

I know its snowing there right now, so it is very probable that there will be snow during march right just a few weeks away)?


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    Snow in March is not uncommon, in fact snow in April is possible as well in Boston. The heaviest month for snow is usually Jan. In New England it could be 60 degrees and sunny on Monday then Wednesday be 20 degrees with a blizzard, so it's hard to tell.

    Here's a record of the average temps in March

    Source(s): Born and raised in the suburbs of Boston
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  • 1 decade ago

    Oh yeah! We often get a nor'easter around St. Patrick's day. You never know for certain though. I've seen it hit 90°F at the end of March and then a foot of snow on April first. The weather here is quite changeable. I am however predicting lousy skiing conditions for the long Independence Day holiday weekend. :)

    Source(s): Live in the area
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  • 1 decade ago


    we get snow in March, sometimes April. I have even seen snow in May

    It is not snowing here now, we may get some next week, but the meteorologists aren't sure yet.

    We normally get the white crap at least once every March

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  • 3 years ago

    definite it will be unpredictable, yet odds are it is going to downright undesirable climate. compared to different aspects of latest England, boston can take a lengthy time period to warmth up because of its postion on the frigid atlantic waters. accessible get wager snow storms that factor of 365 days, so dont let anyting surpise you. maximum days are probable contained in the forties and in rains alot. there are quite some gloomy days. Being from Sd you at the prompt are unlikely to in basic terms like the elements one bit.

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