Are there any nurses out there?????

i'm 14 and taking my options so i cant change them.......i've took childcare if that helps but nothing else that would help....i want to work in the childrens department at a hostpital in worcester....i know i'm too young now but is there anything i can do to help me get that job in later life.. , if your a nurse, what did you have to do to get that job?????thankyouu

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    Find out if the hospital has a volunteer program for high school students. You should be able to obtain that information online. If they do, call to make an appointment to discuss your interests and to see if they have any available shifts in the children's department. This way you can get acquainted with the industry, meet people who work in the field, get real life feedback, and determine if it is really the right field for you.

    To become a nurse in the USA, you need to graduate from high school and then apply to a 2-year or a 4-year college institution. Once you get an associate of science degree in nursing, you may take the national exam to be certified as a registered nurse (a.k.a. RN). You could also go for the bachelor's degree (4-years) before taking the exam. In addition, there are masters and doctorate degrees available. The higher the degree, the more money you can make... but you will also have more and bigger responsibilities.

    Good luck in your search!

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