Is it already Mardi Gras / Carnival? Le Show (Public Radio host) Harry Shearer wished Happy M.G. at sign-off?

Hello, to all who are eagerly cheering on your Pro Football team in these upcoming evening hours -- 6:30 Eastern is the Kick-off at Miami, FL . . .

Already on Feb. 7 -- people are wishing each other "Happy Mardi Gras?" -- I thought it was observed on Tuesday the 16th this year -- but maybe this is because of the extensive nature of the Parades and Festivities? Thanks for posting.

Good Luck with the Super Bowl. 10 points for best answer and interpretation


9:45 p.m. - Super Bowl CHAMPIONSHIP to the New Orleans Saints -- 4th Quarter defense holds against Colts' offense (QB Peyton Manning)

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    What a Victory -- New Orleans Saints win the super bowl

    YES It will be a Mardi Gras month -- celebrate ! ! !

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not a New Orleans resident nor from Louisiana/Alabama --

    the pre-Mardi Gras season overlaps this year with the Super Bowl mania

    unfortunately at halftime -- The Saints have only score 6 to the Colts' 10 --

    8 p.m. Eastern -- doesn't look good for a close finish on this NFL championship

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