EXCEL 2007 wont save my custome sort?

I custom sorted a table i created in excel but i want it to sort automatically every time in input more figures. But i have to re-highlight the table and do custom sort every time. I have microsoft excel 2007. It sorts highest number in Column C first and if Column C has the same figure it will sort the highest figure in Column D.


Name # Cash

John Doe 5 1,0000

Jane Doe 5 2,0000

It will sort and make Jane go on top since she has the most cash but the # is the same as John. I want to be able to type figures in and the table automatically move them in the right order.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In researching your question, I found that there's not a way to auto-update the sort. You will need to do the custom sort and just click OK (no changes to the sort itself) every time you wish to do the sort.

    Update: I did find a macro script in a forum that may work:


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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Convert the data to a table - refer to this link for full details.


    When it converts to a table, it adds filters but these can be removed and the table will still function. You can also change the colour scheme if necessary.

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  • 3 years ago

    sure, yet you need to do yet another table for that - Create a itemizing of unique products in yet another variety of cells (Or sheet) on your occasion: purple Yellow Blue - Paste SUMIF functionality interior the subsequent cellular like this =SUMIF( A:A, G1, B:B) Assuming your long huge record is in column A, the values you prefer to sum in column B and the unique record is in column G - Then Fill that cellular donw to cover all your values Then do the kind for this new table G and H solid success VBAXLMan

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